Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Training Update Week 6 of 10; And Buttertart!!

Weekly Goals = MTB 8 hours, Road/Trainer 3 hours, Weights 3 hours
Week 6 Actual = MTB 0 hours, Road 16.5 hours, Weights 0 hours, Hockey 1 hour.
Current Weight = 195 lbs.
A week of great weather made the trails too mushy to ride, but left a great opportunity for road riding.  I am not a big fan of road riding, and given the choice I will always choose my MTB.  However, the road bike is a great workout, and in my opinion is the best way to build endurance for the MTB.  Plus, they are so fast and efficient when I do ride the road bike, it gives a bit of a rush.  With the incredible weather this week, I took every free minute to get on the bike; much to my wife Heidi’s great joy.

Tour de Buttertart
Finished the week off on Saturday with a 112km (including the 15 km from my house to ride start at Domestique-Cafe in Dundas) group road ride.  The idea of the ride is to hit several ‘local’ (local meaning within the 100km ride loop) bakeries along the way and consume buttertarts (really, in my extensive medical experience there has to be something either biologically or psychologically wrong with someone who does not like buttertarts).  What a group to ride with!  The ride was planned by GarageMonster and NerdGirl of MTBR Forum fame, and I think the fastest riders in the province showed (or just the people who had the greatest need for a buttertart!).  Anyways my computer showed an average speed of 29 km/hr for the ride. 

Mother Nature gave us dense fog and cool temperatures to make the start a challenge, but otherwise it was a great ride, fantastic workout; and finished in royal style with a couple of dark stouts at Domestique!  And special thanks to Heidi, for coming to enjoy a latte while listening to the BS stories of a bunch of sweaty bikers and bailing out my exhausted arse with a ride home!

Homage to Ice
This is a race promoted by Dan at SubstanceProjects.  I did not plan on doing this race, because conditions at this time of year are normally tragic.  However, there has been nothing normal about the weather this year, and my buddy Launchzone, who has been working on the west coast for the last 5 months (seriously!), is returning and has talked me into doing with race with him.  So, ready or not, this will be my first race of the season (April 1st!).

Today, NewfieSteve and I are looking to ride at Turkey Point.  Here’s looking to another good week to ride!

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