Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 16 March 2012

This Week on the Road and Questions From the Heart

One of the best thing about cycling; MTB or road in my geographical area, is getting back to nature.  Getting out of the city, into the trails (or concessions/sideroads) and seeing the natural order of things. 
Anyone notice that there doesn’t seem to be as many birds this year??

This week, the trail conditions has resulted in many hours on the road; which has its goods and bads.
Road Riding Pros:  Endurance, endurance, endurance!!  Can’t get the MTB endurance needed without it!  Fast!!!  Dem bikes is fast...almost makes the MTB feel like a tank!
Road Riding Cons:  Sausage suits, weak looking bikes, idiot traffic, headwinds.
Anyone got anything to add??
Hey, anyone else lurk on the MTBR Forums?  Why does every thread on the Eastern Canada MTBR Forum turn into a bickering whine-fest??

Wednesdays Road Ride
Typically, Wednesday is the BicycleWorks group MTB ride; but the trail conditions turned this into a road ride.  Problem is that they don’t leave till after 6pm...which doesn’t leave a lot of time before the sun sets.  So I set off at 5pm to get some solo time in before meeting the group at 6.

I headed south and west from Waterdown, and planned to go until 5:25, then turn around to get back in time to meet the group.  Made it as far as Crooks Hollow, then turned back.  The Snake road climb makes for a good mid ride burn.  Met the group at the shop, including British Bob, Newfie Steve, BWJim, Martin.  We headed north of Waterdown, to try to get a decent ride in before darkness.  I typically try to drop the hammer for the last 10 or so kms and sprint out the finish, and see who wants to keep pace.  All in all, about 2.5 hours in total, and about 2500 cals burned.
Question:  What really is the proper way to spell ketchup?  Think the Freemasons have this secret?  On that note, what is buried at Oak Island???
Thursdays Road Ride
Thursday is the BicycleWorks group road ride.  I again headed out early to get time in before the 6pm group start.  Headed south and west again, into West Flamborough then south on Middletown Rd only to find that the road had been closed to traffic.  I slipped through the road block but the normally nasty climb out from Middletown to Governors rd was muddy...made for a HUGE workout climbing out...only to head east on Governors the north on Weirs Lane...another killer quad smashing climb (who’s stupid idea was this??).  These two slow arse climbs had left me behind on time, so had to sprint back into Waterdown to meet the group in time.  This group included NewfieSteve, BWPaull, and BWJim.  Paul set out maintaining a nice 30-35km/hr pace...then he kicked me into a sprint for the last 12km again.  Had to keep going, quads were a twitching mess.  Great ride again!  3 hours and 3200 calories.

Supposed to be in the 20s this weekend!!!  Trail rides???  Here’s hoping!!  Green beer??

Question:  Did the Mayas have it right?  Whats happening Dec 21??  Why am I asking all these stupid questions???
When’s the next post?  Stay tuned!!

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