Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 19 October 2018

Four Non Blondes - YaYaYaYa

So just another brief update, what's goin on, with the situation.

The bones continue to heal...and the surrounding muscles are beginning to relax.  So we are getting there...not as fast as I'd like, but ahead of schedule.  However, still gaining weight.

So in order to keep the weight under control, and to try to maintain some element of 'bike shape', I have been getting out for a few easy paced rides...and a hike that possibly got out of hand (a road too far...).

Stolen from MykalP just this morning.

However, apparently I have been doing too much under my current condition...and my body is letting me know it.  Various chronic inflammations that I historically have fought off are recurring and hitting all at once (like plantar fasciitis, and a couple of other -itis's), and a head/chest cold is trying to take hold (I never get colds!!).  This body seems to want to use its energy on healing.  So I have taken a couple of full on rest/recovery days to try to get healing and health back on track.  And things are looking better.  

Getting older, trying to be more aware and careful...since I don't think I have 9 lives...

Stolen from VirgilC just this morning.

So, healing and health seem to be back on track, and as such my Sunday ride will be me sweeping the 40km at DanOfSubstance's Howling Coyote.  A casual 40km ride on either a 29er or 29plus bike to keep it safe and more comfortable.  Will you be there??

Then hopefully next week or so, I can switch from healing mode, to getting back into race shape mode.  Or maybe I should just let the weight go until I can compete as a Clyde??

Anyways, in order to not make this all about me, a couple of other friends have generously also managed to get dinged up this past week.  TeamColin conked his noggin...and Unglued separated a shoulder.  Well wishes to you guys!  Get well fast!

So, now how about some happy news!

SingleSpeedSarah has a very well written blog that she does not post enough to.  However, a recent post reveals a couple of exciting and positive events going on her way.  Check out her blog Crash Caylor, for her latest very interesting post.

So....that's What's Goin' On.  So far.

More to come...

Stay posted!

Staying Posted!!!