Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mountain Biking So Far This Week

Turkey Point

Managed to hit Turkey Point this Sunday with NewfieSteve.   Can’t believe that we have never been (yeah I know, I write like I talk).  First impression was how dry the trails were for this time of fact, too dry.  They were actually slippery dry...and boggy sandy in spots!  The marked trails are extremely fast and flowy, the downside is that except for the occasional tight tree-through, and stumps along the trials edge, there was not much technical challenge.  The unmarked trails, past the dam, were more technical with a few sharp climbs, roots, and log overs.  However, two hours flew by, and we had to head back to the trailhead before dark with a ton of trails left to explore.  Will have to head back, perhaps for a camping weekend, to hit as much of the extensive trail network as possible.

Though I say the trails were not that technical, NewfieSteve managed a couple of impressive incidents.  Now, I have to say that NewfieSteve is one of the most technically proficient (that means good) riders I ride with, which is one of the reasons I enjoy riding with him.  I am all power and endurance, which means I am technically giftLESS (that means bad), and riding with NewfieSteve helps me to learn and improve on this aspect.  Anyways, about a half hour into our ride NewfieSteve managed to endo while hopping over a 4 inch (yes 4 inches...that’s about 10cms for you young’uns), and hit the ground with the ‘whump!’ of 180 pounds of falling meat.  Once I was sure he was OK (other than for the dirt in his helmet) I laughed heartily (hey, that’s what good friends do!).  He quickly blamed the endo on the fact that he came unclipped because his pedals were too loose.  Well he has been complaining about this for two months, but never taken the time to tighten his now he took the 3 minutes required to rectify the situation; and we were off again.  Not too long after, speeding around a switchback, he managed to nearly clothesline himself (to the point where his bike almost flipped over backwards), on a small tree hidden by a larger tree.  Left him with a very impressive bruise in his shoulder, but otherwise OK.

 I, surprisingly, had no incidents...crashes, or mechanicals.  Life was good, and to repeat myself to make a point, we will have to visit Turkey Point again!

Other Stuff

Managed to get out Monday morning for a short 1 hour ride on the local Waterdown trails.   Enjoyed the more technical nature of our local trails, and they are surprisingly dry for this time of year.  Also got out for an early morning ride Wednesday with BWPaul, and will get out with the BicycleWorks group ride on Wednesday evening.

Need all the riding I can get in since Launchzone talked me into registering for the Homage to Ice race on April 1st!!

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