Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 30 March 2012

Mountain Biking This Week; Training Update Week 8 of 10

Weekly Goals = MTB 8 hours, Road/Trainer 3 hours, Weights 3 hours

Week  Actual = MTB 7 hours, Road 0 hours, Weights 0 hours, Hockey 1 hour.
Current Weight = 193 lbs.

Was all on the mountain bike this week, no road...which was OK given the chilly windier weather this week.  Were we really that spoiled by the great weather earlier this month??  OK, I was...want summer back!!
This week had me and NewfieSteve spend an afternoon on an MTBR group ride out at Turkey Point.  Great flowy trails, but would like to get back out there to find some more technical trails and climbs...I am told they exist out there.  And the sandy base there makes the trails rideable in just about all conditions.

The remainder of the week had me riding locally, solo other than for the BicycleWorks group ride on Wednesday when we rode the ‘Dump Run’.  Used to be that I was terrified of this trail, cuz of how difficult and technical it is; but I am getting used to it.  I need improving most with my technical skills, so these kinds of rides are of great benefit for me.
Broke a spoke this week, which ended up with me feeling relieved because I initially thought the sound from the rear end of my bike was a damaged hub!  Also flatted this week, landing a small jump onto some sharp rocks, tearing a hole in the side wall that Stan’s couldn’t plug fast enough.  Also required a bit of a wheel truing.  It was good timing though, as it was time to replace the heavy winter tires (Specialized Control Captains), with new racing tires (Specialized SWorks Fast Traks).  It is amazing what a difference tires can make.  Lighter tires with less rolling resistance make the bike feel like a rocket!  Is it all in my head?  Maybe some, but reducing rotational weight really does make a big difference.   Now if I could only get faster!!

No more riding for this week, as I have thrown in an unexpected race for this Sunday.  The Homage to Ice out at Mansfield promoted by Substance Projects.  Although I am not down to anywhere near the weight I would like to be at for a race, it will be a good test of my fitness to date, and let me know how much harder I have to work!  Plus the trails at Mansfield are great fun, and not normally open to the public.  Here is hoping conditions will be OK, and both my bike and I survive!
Wish me well...otherwise just send beer!  J

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