Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 9 March 2012

So Far This Week

As far as biking activity goes, got out for a Mountain bike ride with Rod on Monday.  The conditions were great!  It was very cold (7:30 am), but the trail was frozen and solid....made for a great 2 hour fast ride.  By the way, Rod is a climbing machine!!!  Hills tremble in his wake...I don’t think there is one too steep for this guy! 

Got a weight workout in that afternoon between work appointments.  My back tends to cramp up on longer rides/races (+ 2hours); so I try to work on core each week.

Wednesday, was too warm, made the trails were too soft and muddy to ride.  Meant an 8am road ride (yeah, I know) with Rod, and Jim and Paul from Bicycleworks.  Was very windy, which made for a great workout ride.  Jim is recovering from 5 weeks off to recover from surgery, so him and Paul hung back and rode easy.  Rod and I let er rip...until Rod broke a spoke on a steeper climb (remember I remarked on his climbing power earlier).  At the time I thought I dropped him...but he made the circumstances clear at the end of the ride!

Let the legs rest on Thursday, but fit a weight workout into the work day.

This morning (Friday), saw a trail ride with Rod and Jim.  It got to freezing temperatures over night, but just enough to freeze the top surface of the ground...leaving mush underneath.  Conditions made for a grind of a ride...great workout, but not much speed to be had.  At least the frozen surface let us ride without damaging the trails.

It is supposed to get cold and freeze tonight.  Should make for good ride conditions in the morning!!

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