Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Monday, 12 March 2012

Soft And Mushy, Warm 'N' Wet

The warm spring weather is making the trails unrideable.  Makes for the opportunity/necessity to break out the road bike!!  Which is what I have done so far this week.

Sundays Ride

Sunday had me riding with Fig, NewfieSteve, and CheeseLegs.  We started at 9am, with the temp at 8degrees C.  There was a solid breeze coming from the West, so we decided to head out into the breeze so we could have it behind us for the way back.  Really was an incident free ride for the most part.  Other than a couple of farm dogs running out to consider diving into a meal of sausage suited road cyclists (Fig apparently has a fear of canines) , and a huge turkey vulture fighting a small flock of crows (proper terminology is ‘murder’ in case you care...really...look it up, even!) for a raccoon ‘sleeping’ on the road, the only excitement was trying to stay far enough ahead of CheeseLegs to avoid his incessant chatter. 

 The return loop was a blast with the tailwind for the most part; pushing to keep on Figs wheel for several kilometres at 45km/hr.  NewfieSteve had just returned from a week long holiday, so he was battling some cramping, but managed to hang in there without getting left for dead.

All in all, resulted in a great ride, almost 88km in total.


Headed out on a solo road ride Monday morning early, before work.  Quads were really feeling the last several days of riding, so took it rather easy for a 47km ride, just under 2 hours.  Solo road riding is a rather mind numbing experience (wait!  Be’s ‘serene’!), so hopefully can goad someone into joining me next time...or just have the trails dry out soon!!

That is all for now...except for this pic...

Maximus (our cat) joining me to watch LifeCycles.

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