Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 5 May 2017

Thursday's post Friday...again...

Still recovering from the P2A hangover, there are pics to prove I was there...suffering...

photo cred: Chyla's Race Photo

The ApexRacePhotography crew was also out there collecting evidence of my existence...I have ordered the pics (kind of last minute...OK, very last minute cuz I forgot to hit the 'confirm order' button or something).  As soon as I have the pics I will post them!!  ApexTed and his crew always work magic!! a famous mayor once said, the past is in the past...and there is a lot going on in the mtb world coming up.

This weekend is OCup #2 being held in Kingston (for the first time?), and promoted by SubstanceProjects (for the first time?).  I have ridden Kingston at SubstanceProjects XC mtb Marathon series...and it is a unique, very fun, challenging course.  And there is evidence that DanOfSubstance has been busy making the course more water resistant given the forecast deluge.  Word is Dan (or someone he has asked very nicely) is laying down a base of gravel on the trails and covering it with packed sand.  Sounds like a lot of work...but should make for ideal trails in any conditions.  You can do day of registration on site.

And then there is the Spring Epic 8 Hour next weekend, May 13th, promoted by Chico Racing in Mansfield, Ontario.  It is 95% if you haven't registered yet get on it!!  Here!  I will be there...solo style.

If you can't make it to Mansfield on the 13th....or if an 8 hour relay is not your style, you have an option.  There is Beachburg Off Road Cycling Association's Spring Chicken Enduro...a 60 km 60/40 single track/gravel race out of Beachburg (who'sa guessed??), Ontario.  Register here.

And then there is yet, another race promoted by SubstanceProjects.  That Dan is one busy dude this year!  It is the second race of the XC Marathon series, the Long Sock Classic up in the Ganaraska Forest.  66 kms, 6 kazillion m of sandy climbing...and a little poison ivy.  And after unglued, and TeamColin did the first race of the series, the Homage to Ice, single speed, they suggested we all do the LSC single speed.

So, I thought I had better practice...but first I needed to have a single speed mountain I had the best bike shop in Waterdown, BicycleWorks set me up with this beauty...

I have even had a couple of chances to get it dirty this week...(well....that sounded wrong...)

According to CoachRob, single speed is one the best mtb training tools available.  But I am a relative SS newbie (I have converted my geared Raijin to single speed for winter riding in the past, but that is it) I'm needing the practice.  And any suggestions for proper gearing for Ganaraska would be appreciated from anyone in the know!

Anyways, that's a ways away...but there ya go.  A lot going on in the local MTB scene this month!!
What's your poison??

Well, probably not that....and I probably just dated myself drastically.
So...I better go now...

Stay posted!

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