Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 18 May 2017

A Mix I mentioned in my previous post...ApexRacePhotography was on hand at the Spring Epic 8 Hour were taken...I got some...cuz ApexTed and his crew can make even me look almost good!

Obviously early in the race...

Starting to hurt...

Entering Exit Wound...

Later...engaged in the pain..that's a grimace...aka trying to smile...

If you want to see more or get your own pics head to ApexRacePhotography.

If you notice from the pics...the bright red gloves.  Usually in the solo endurance events my hands take a beating.  palms literally ripped to shreds.  And I was especially worried as I was riding the rigid for most of this event.  But the combination of ergo grips and these beauty hands survived relatively unscathed.

Fox Ranger Gels

With just enough padding in the right places...and a nice comfy snug fit that kept the padding or palm material from twisting or folding (which is a disaster on mtb gloves!!).  On this day, these gloves were a lifesaver....or at least a hand saver.  Just letting you know in case you do longer rides and have as much trouble as I do to find good gloves.  I have no affiliation with Fox freebies to me.  But I did pick them up at the best Local Bike Shop in Waterdown, BicycleWorks...

Anyways, in the spirit of sharing interesting info (and a bit of a gear shift), Lois and I attended the Hamilton Veggie Fest a couple of weeks ago.  (Which, I have to note, was 'managed' by our friend Laura of FiveFocusWellness...and she did an AMAZING job!!  A huge undertaking!!)  Anyways we ran into a wonderful gem of a small family business...especially for a busy mountain biker!  Actually, we had a great experience there with many vendors but this one in particular stood out for us.

Allin Mikuna means 'bon appetit' in indigenous Chilean language.  And they specialize in ready made soups...literally just add water and cook.  (We actually add veg broth...but you can be as creative as you want, or have time for.)  All the ingredients are included....and they taste amazing!!  So simple, quick, and easy.  But wait...there's more!!  (No cheesy tv commercial though...).  They also do organic powders.  To add to food, smoothies, juices...

If you are a SuperGreens kind of person they have a Kale&Spinach blend;
If you are a PhytoNutrient-er they have a Berry blend;
And every mountain biker knows the benefits of they have a BeetCarrot blend! affiliation...we just really, really like their stuff...and the fact they are a small, local, farm family.  Click on the pic above for the web link.

So, back to our regular far as mtb goes...I've been focusing on recovering from the 8 Hour.  Got out on a BicycleWorks group jaunt.

photo cred: BicycleWorksPaul

And getting ready for the LongSockClassic in Ganaraska this weekend (Substance Projects).  A 60km cross country marathon...the second of the series.  I will be doing it on the rigid single speed again...cuz TeamColin said I should.  And according to Lois, I always do what I'm told...

Anyways, if you have not yet signed up for the Long Sock...get on it...we will see you there!  Darcie, will you be there??  I will require more gloating at my struggles!   ;)

It should be worthy of more stories...always is!

Stay posted!

Please tell me it's over...
It's over.
Thank dog!

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