Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 12 May 2017

Epic Mountain Bike Time

Sorry...late again on the late, many dollars short.

Been life-stuff-busy....including trying to fit in getting ready for this weekend's race.
I will be at Chico Racing's Spring Epic 8 Hour.  The event that kicks off Chico Racing's mountain bike race season (ya they still do mountain bike race stuff).  It's a great way to get ready for their big event, the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice....anyways....getting ahead of myself (which is usually where everyone else is...).

The Spring 8 is sold out, so if you ain't registered you may be fubarred.  It's sold out cuz it's a great event...everyone has waited all winter for the first of Ontario's three Epic 8 Hour events.  It's at Mansfield where most don't get to regularly ride (it's not open to the public), and where the sandy trails are actually better when wet, which happens alot this time of year, or at least this year.  I hope to meet new mountain bikers, and look forward to seeing the familiar and friendly? faces (will Oggie have his friendly face, or his regular one???).

Who will be solo, who will be tag/team racing?

I will be solo-ing, and serious may have convinced me to race my single speed, although I have registered in my age category (yes they do make one that old!).  Gives me the option of what bike to I do not have to compete against the young guns in the open single-speed category.  Kudos to serious, he registered in the single speed category...but he is fast enough to compete against anyone any age (and saves me from trying to keep him in sight!).  Besides there are enough faster-than-me gents in my age it will be interesting to see who shows up.

Other questions:

Who will have more participants?  Lapdogs or Pinoy Pedal Pushers??
How many Shikazes does it take to fill a podium??
Will unglued stay glued??
Will we see Figs, Blazes, or EnglishJims???

And watch out for that new team True Grit.  They are growing...infiltrating from around the globe...from native Canadian (quiet and lonely), to Scotland (load and angry sounding), to central European (Oggie's rivals), Quebec (everyone's rivals)...even from the far corners of Newfoundland (everyone's friends).  And a tough, fast youth team!!  (Too much self propaganding??  Did that sound too weird??)

Anyways I am looking forward to 8+ hours of painful fun (did that sound too weird??)

Yes, enough with the weird shite!


...if you were not lucky enough to get registered for the Spring Epic 8; or if you live in the Ottawa/Pembroke area you may be able to get into the Beachburg Off Road Cycling Association Spring Chicken Enduro race this weekend.

Anyways still lots to do to get ready.  Hope to see you out there!!

Stay posted!!

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