Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Post Long Weekend Post

The mountain bike racing options keep coming!

This Saturday is PulseRacing's SingleTrack Classic at Hardwood Hills.  44 kilometres of single track!  A mix of all of Hardwood Ski & Bike's various orders and directions; challenging, flowy, and fun!!  And this year it is held in conjunction with Hardwood's Bike Fest so there will be clinics, a gear swap market, bike demos, a beer tent, and a beer tent (no not a typo....I like beer tents...).

Like this guy...

Anyways...this is the 9th year for this event; which is why it is now a classic!!  If you want awesome, epic, fun mountain there!!

Shift of gears...a couple of posts ago I made mention of a gem of a small family farm business...that Lois and I had ventured upon at Hamilton Veggie Fest.  

As quoted from the previous post...

"Allin Mikuna means 'bon appetit' in indigenous Chilean language.  And they specialize in ready made soups...literally just add water and cook.  (We actually add veg broth...but you can be as creative as you want, or have time for.)  All the ingredients are included....and they taste amazing!!  So simple, quick, and easy.  But wait...there's more!!  (No cheesy tv commercial though...).  They also do organic powders.  To add to food, smoothies, juices...

If you are a SuperGreens kind of person they have a Kale&Spinach blend;
If you are a PhytoNutrient-er they have a Berry blend;
And every mountain biker knows the benefits of they have a BeetCarrot blend! affiliation...we just really, really like their stuff...and the fact they are a small, local, farm family.  Click on the pic above for the web link."

So, now the folks at Allin Mikuna are offering a 10% coupon for readers of this blog (or anyone else that can type the letters 'riot')...  Yes, type the word 'riot' as the coupon code when ordering from their online store!  (Coupon good for all of 2017)  Give them a shot!!  The soups taste amazing...and so easy to make...and the powders could replace supplements you may be using...all while supporting a local, small family farm business.

Shift of part of the training plan for the upcoming 24 Hours of Summer Solstice I had dubbed this weekend for a looooonnnng ride (8, 12, 20 hours??)...and with the rain happening looks like Turkey Point will be the spot to go.

Giant, PowerPaul, NewfieSteve will be joining in the unless you are attending the SingleTrack Classic come and keep us company for an hour or two, or all of it!!

Whatever you are doing this the words of Pinoy Ryder, 'just ride!'.  Or as Raf would say, 'JFCI!!'.   Or, TeamColin's 'BOOM!'.

Until Tuesday...

Stay Posted!

Shift of beers??

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