Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 27 April 2017

P2A or Nay - Tough Decision

Is it a gravel grinder?  A mountain bike race?  It's the Paris to Ancaster...and it's coming  up this Sunday...again.  If you don't know what the Paris to Ancaster is, what can I say??  It is one of the most iconic races around...maybe in the country.

It's been going since 1994??  (I think).  My first P2A was in 2009...where I clocked a finish time of 3hrs 49mins...on a mountain bike.  At the time, finishing was an accomplishment!  Not exactly Chuck Norris tough!

(OK...I know....I may be overdoing the Chuck Norris thing in the last couple of posts.  Sorry.)

 Sorry...again...couldn't resist that one.  Enough of that...I have been warned by the only person on the planet that may be tougher than Chuck...

Lois...always ready for danger!!

Oh, I know...looks innocent enough...but...look out Chuck if you get in the way...

Yup...Chuck's done...

Luckily, I have never made Lois angry....well maybe just once...

Anyways....way, way off track...

So...P2A...yes...I have done this race every year since 2009.  My best finishing time at 2hrs 22mins.  But the course has changed over the years...they have added a few more kilometers...10 more?  And the thing with the P2A is you never know what kind of weather and trail conditions you are going to get.

I actually considered not doing the race this year.  I'm not so good at this type of race.  I put off registering until it was sold out....and thought, 'meh'.  But an opportunity to get in came up that I could not pass up.

So...I will be there once again...on a CX bike, sporting the True Grit/BicycleWorks team gear.  So far the weather forecast doesn't look great...but let's see how this one goes.

Stay posted!

This is the last one!!  (Today)  
And you may have to ask a millennial if you don't get this one...

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