Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

April Showers

"And the rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down."

Well, today it is....but the weekend was mostly pretty dang nice out....almost summery even!

I managed to get out for a training ride early Saturday before spending a busy day looking around at the best local bike shop in Waterdown (BicycleWorks).  However, these friendly folks managed to get out for a fun 100+ kms on Saturday.

True Grit whiskey stop.

Word is Fig almost survived for the entire ride...

Sunday was the Tour de Pelham.  I did not attend...apparently it was a mudfest.  But MarkR gritted it out.

MarkR killing the Tour de Pelham (photo cred: m2 imaging)

Since the local trails are still too wet to ride, on Sunday I took the CX Crux out....again...

Sunday was a beauty of a 15+ degrees out!  So I headed up to 97 General Store for one of Dee's famous buttertarts...again...

Luckily they don't sell beer too...

Where I met up with with Alex (who was leading the way on a full squish mountain bike...who does that??), and Terry (who was pushing the pace on a Trek 650 plus bike...who does that??), Burnsy, Mike, and Al...for a fun 90 km of road and gravel.  A perfect preamble for the upcoming Steaming Nostril this coming weekend!!!

Also on Sunday, cyclists around the world (literally) gathered to pay tribute to Mike Hall.  Mike Hall, an endurance cycling legend, was killed on Friday when he was struck by an automobile while he participated in a coast to coast endurance race in Austratlia.  The multiple time winner of the Tour Divide, the Trans Am Bike Race, and other endurance cycling races was known not only for his competitive fire, but also for embracing the joy of life, and an abundance of compassion for all around him.

For us locally, the Steaming Nostril is happening on Sunday.  For me, this is the beginning of the race season...and so far another beauty weekend is in the forecast!!  Let's hope!

Stay posted!

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