Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Woodnewton O'Cup #1

Well I wasn't there....but the reports I am hearing is that the first O'Cup of the season was great!!  The sandy surface of Woodnewton soaked up all of the weeks rain, and conditions were mint!

463 racers (130 more than 2016 provincials) showed up!!  The huge attendance along with a new format to allow for more accessible complete racing for the 9am and 10am youth races, made for large start waves.  Which made for great competition and race motivation!!  Kudo's to Superfly Racing for promoting youth racing, and holding yet another great Mountain Bike event!

Though I wasn't there many of my TrueGrit teammates were on site!

A large start wave!

Giant, dumped his chain 4 times, but still finished top ten.

JennR passing Jerry...

Then grinning about it all the way up the hill???

Or is that a grimace??

It is said that Jenn is so tough her tears can cure cancer...but she never cries...

Speaking of tough female about 14 yr old JocelynS (racing for Cyclepath Oakville); after taking second at Pisgah (a gruelling 5 day mountain bike stage race) vs adult competitors, comes home for a few days recovery, then takes second at Woodnewton mere seconds behind her teammate KaitlynS!!  Tough as steel??  It is said that Joc didn't have to recover from Pisgah...Pisgah had to recover from Joc racing there.

And...more about tough...this does not bode well for me...

serious...third place

serious (nickname is Tom)...takes third place.  One of my most toughest, most fierce, meanest competitors in other mtb events...getting too fast.  (Actually, he is one of the nicest guys around...).  I need to up my game....yet again.

It is said that serious is so tough, he has a bearskin rug...the bear isn't dead, it's just too afraid to move.

(OK, let me be up front and apologize forthwith to Chuck Norris for any inappropriately appropriated quotes...)

Anyways, I am trying to be a little more strategic (and economical) about my race choices...the O'Cups really are not my forte.  I am barely warmed up by the time they are done...and I routinely get my arse handed to me at them.  But I missed being at this one...the atmosphere, the always great...the courses are always challenging.  And redlining for two hours has to be good we shall see.

Maybe next time...

Stay posted!

 Some real tough kats!!  They have to be...they are related to me.  Sisters n daughter...

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