Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 21 April 2017

April Showers bring May Riding??

Well quite the deluge of rain we have had here the last couple of days.  Puddles, ponds, and creeks are flooding basements, roads, and trails.  But like the greenery and flowers it is sprouting some amazing mountain bike events!

So, what is up-coming??

Well, we have had the now classsic Tilsonburn to open up the gravel grinder season.

We have had the perennial Homage to Ice to open up the marathon mountain bike season.

This weekend is Woodnewton to open up the O'Cup mountain bike race season.

Then April and May are full of race/ride options.  Here are the ones I am aware of...

April 30th, the iconic, uber-popular yet ever-growing, Paris to Ancaster gravel- CX- mountain bike- fatbike race.  Survive the chutes and hill...

May 6-7, O'Cup #2 Kingston, the first O'Cup to be promoted by Substance Projects!  Should make for a special one!!

May 13th, the Spring Epic 8 Hour at Mansfield to open up the team relay/solo endurance mountain bike race season.

May 13, if the team relay/solo endurance thing is not your forte, another option on this date is the Spring Chicken Enduro presented by BORCA (Beachburg Off Road Cycling Association).  It's an exciting single track/gravel-road race (60km, 27km options)!!  The quandry always which weapon to choose??

May 20th is the Long Sock Classic in Ganaraska forest...the second race of Substance Projects XC Marathon Race Series.  Apparently unglued did the lawyer thing and has put out the challenge to single speed this thing.  Team Colin??

So...April and May loaded with options...and probably others I have missed here.  So much exciting stuff coming up!!  Perfect to get ready for the summer season.  Pick your poison, or do 'em all!!

If you haven't already, get to your favourite local bike shop and get your weapon all tuned and ready!

BicycleWorks Waterdown, my LBS of choice!!

And as Raf would say, "JFCI!!!"

As PinoyRyder would say, "Just Ride!"

As my Ma would say, "Riot, quit playing with that!!"
Just kidding, my Mom never called me Riot.

Anyways, weather (see what I did there??) you are racing Woodnewton this weekend, or doing your own thing, respect the wet trails, enjoy and stay safe.


Stay posted!

Is Chuck mountain bike tough??

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