Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Friday, 13 July 2012

This week…Some Road, Some MTB, Some burning quads!

Sunday morning had me on an intense road ride.  Sunday is my favourite time to road ride…there is so little traffic!!

Have 6 hours on the mountain bike so far this week.  One of these rides (Wednesday morning) was a hill climbing workout ride with Jeff and Rod…two of the best climbers around.  They destroyed me!!  (Of course a hockey game Monday night and two games Tuesday night did nothing to help).  We hit every hill around here (and if you have never ridden here there are some very intense hills!!)  My quads are still on fire!!
Then Thursday morning I went out planning on a gentle recovery ride…but half an hour in I met up with Jeff (again??) and Don…and they convinced me to join them for a longer, faster ride than I had planned on, but was still good.  I did manage to get a more leisure, recovery ride in on Friday morning.
An epic ride is planned tomorrow with NewfieSteve…it will be intense!!  I will keep you posted!

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