Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Sunday, 8 July 2012

So Wa Happen this Week??

So my MTB was in the shop waiting for the new chainstay to be delivered then installed until I was able to retrieve it on Friday.  This was OK; it gave me a good reason to get on the roadbike as often as possible to work on my endurance.  And I did!!  I managed to hit the roadbike 5 times this week for some HIIT and some sustained intense rides…all of them solo.

I was in Collingwood on Thursday and Friday for work and took the roadbike with the hopes of getting a ride in.  Managed to get a ride in early Friday morning.  Talk about never ending hills!!  What a great workout!!  County road 19 seemed to go up forever, then I turned right at Line 2 (I think it was Line 2??), then right again at county road 119 to head back.  Great…I thought, this should be downhill all the way.  But no!!  Still more climbing!!  How the heck can it be uphill both ways??!!  Then suddenly a very steep twisty downhill on broken pavement.  I got over 81 km/hr before my nerves got the better of me and I slowed the bike down.  Then made my way back to my suite with much more of a ride and workout under my belt than I had bargained on…but it was great!!
We returned home ( Heidi had accompanied me to Collingwood) Friday afternoon and I picked up my repaired MTB.  I was looking forward to getting a MTB ride in, so got out for two rides on Saturday!  Got a great road ride this morning (Sunday), and planning on a MTB ride this afternoon.
Hope all this riding is doing me some good! 

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