Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Monday, 2 July 2012

The last two weeks: Part One - Summer Solstice 24Hr Relay Race

This year’s 5 man 24 hour race team had a bit of a different look.  EnglishJim’s son Oliver was out with motivational issues and Shawn was in.  So the team included Shawn, EnglishJim, yours truly (that means me), NewfieSteve, and Launchzone.  We raced in that order, and within the first set of laps we found our team mid pack of the competition and fought for the remainder of the 24 hours to compete for a podium position.  Finished 4th in our category; short of the podium but huge fun, and a great group, everyone giving their all.

However, I was not entirely happy with my own performance.  I have been riding lots but not truly training (simply riding is not enough).  I need to get back on the training bandwagon.  The problem is, I had a week of vacation immediately after the race; off to Saskatchewan to visit family…a week of off-nutrition plan eating and drinking.  Then returned on Saturday just in time to take my vacation laden arse into the XC Marathon Challenge 60km race on Sunday (more on this in the next post).
After the 24 hour race I took my bike to the shop to attend to a couple of mechanical issues that surfaced during the 24 hour.  I left the bike for the week that I was away in Saskatchewan…and returned Saturday and went to pick my bike up.  Ends up the chain stay is broken…I needed to borrow a bike for the Marathon Challenge 60Km.

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