Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Sunday, 15 July 2012

An Epic MTB ride, a Great Road Ride, and the TdF

So Saturday had me and NewfieSteve on an epic 3.5 hour mountain bike ride through the Kerncliffe Park trails and onto the Geulph Line trails east of Waterdown.  (EnglishJim was apparently off doing a secret training ride with an unknown friend).  The weather was about 75degrees Celsius (a million degrees with the humidex) I think.  All in all it was a great ride with no crashes (a couple of near misses though) and no mechanicals.  The only real issue we had was that part of the trail was extremely overgrown making a narrow wooden bridge almost invisible.  No casualties though. 

We did get the stink eye from a hiker near the end of our outbound run, just before our turn around point.  When we did hit our turn around point (at Walkers Line and 1st Sideroad), and met the hiker (and her male companion again), this time she had a smile and a wave for us.  So I wasn’t sure what her issue was…I figured either schizophrenic, or she was angry at her companion previously.  NewfieSteve thought it was because she could now see him from in front…not sure what he meant by that though, so I’m going with the ‘mad at the boyfriend’ theory.
Anyways, we ended the day with a backyard BBQ of burgers, sausage, and rehydration beverages while watching CFL football.  The way every great Canadian training ride should end!
This morning I got out for a great road ride, 57km at an average speed of 30km/hr.  However, I was solo.  No one else was up for an early Sunday ride (my favourite time for a road ride cuz no traffic!!), and Centurion and Fig are racing in the Horseshoe Valley Centurion today.  I have never road raced, but I think it is something I may have to consider.  Centurion keep pushing me to do one, so I likely will.
Got home from the road ride in time to watch the last half of Stage 14 of the Tour de France.  Until this year I have never really watched the Tour.  I am totally enjoying it!  (Almost as much as seeing Riders kick the Lions AND the TiCats kick the Argos in the same night last night!!)  The endurance, speed, skill, and strategy of these riders is incredible!!  And it is a shame that Hesjedal is out, but may be best for his run at the Olympics!  Plus watching it is motivational!  Which I need!!
Well, now that I got the training road ride in, if the rain holds off I plan to end this Sunday with an evening MTB ride.  Here’s hoping!!

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