Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Saturday, 28 July 2012

This Week and The Olympics

So…as far as training/rides I managed to get in this week…here is the lowdown…

I got four mountain bike rides in this week, all local, and all solo.  The good thing with local is that the trails here are challenging, and plenty of climbs which makes for good training opportunities…however, it is nice to experience different trail a little more often.  The good thing with solo rides is that I can work on the skills and areas that I choose…however, it is nice to have another to challenge and push you.
I managed to get in three strength (weight) workouts this week.  This is something I need to try to do more often, because the benefits are so beneficial… (You get that one?).  Also, played a hockey game this week.
Finally, only got one road ride in this week…like to get in more than one per week though, as road riding is such a great endurance workout.  It’s also a great calorie burner (I am still trying to lean out a tad bit more).  However, I have a long road ride (160 kms) planned for tomorrow with my friend Centurion.  Centurion is a road riding machine…I’m serious…he will make our average speed over 35 km/hr.  I will be struggling just to keep him in view, I know it; but it will be a great workout, and a great opportunity for recovery and rehydration afterwards.  J

If you can’t identify the next two pics, at this point you are not old enough to read this blog.

And you won’t get this one.

No more life lessons for my son.
Anyways, I seriously digress.  Falling back to the topic of calorie burning, I want to repeat that I am using MyFitnessPal to track calories burnt vs. calories ingested.  So far it is the best program I have been able to find for this purpose.
Well, now to switch gears, change channels, take up a new topic; the Olympics have begun and we watched the opening ceremonies last night.

Like our fair country??

In case you didn’t know…I live in Ontario, where mountain biking is very popular and awesome trails are abundant.  However, I am from Saskatchewan, where mountain biking has not really caught on, and all my friends in Ontario say it’s because Saskatchewan is too flat.  They don’t really know the prairie province though…the Qu’Appelle Valley would make for amazing trails!

May just have to be careful of tornadoes!

Seriously, those pics are from Saskatchewan last week, when several storms birthed several tornadoes.
Anyways…I again digress…why do you constantly get me off topic?? 
The Olympics...I am disappointed in how Ryder did this morning.  I am guessing there must be a story there, but so far TSN and CTV haven't let us know.  Maybe they need to actually get off their asses, and out of the studio and go do some actual journalism and interviews??
Regardless of the bad coverage, I enjoy the Olympics for several reasons that I will post about next go round.  Also, I will let you know how badly Centurion destroys me on tomorrows ride.
So...that's it for now...till next time...

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