Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Monday, 12 March 2018

FreedomBurn - The Routes and More

So, got to designing potential routes for the Good Friday FreedomBurn...and here they are.  (Why waste time with prose of glorious rides, or gnarly cat pics, right?  OK...there will be time for that too....but first...the routes...)  Click on the route pic to go to the actual strava feed.

The 50(ish) km route will basically incorporate trails from my house out to Christie Lake and Dundas Conservation area and back...a fun ride...including a couple of good climbs...

The 100(ish) km route.  Trails out to Christie, Dundas, then some road out to Valens for a Buttertart, re-water/refuel stop...then the gnarly doubletrack/fire road LaFarge trail back down Middletown road through Christie again....and back.

The 160(ish)....OK it looks like it may be more like 175(ish) km.  Trials to Christie, Dundas, railtrail out to BicycleWorks Paul's farm for water stop #1, where Paul will guide us on some of his local gravel...then gravel and road up to Valens for Buttertart/water stop #2, then the LaFarge trail back down Middletown road through Christie again....and back.

Sounds nice, clean, and simple...but 160+ kms is no small feat...and includes some gnarly come prepared.  (This is totally a self supported ride!!)

no small feet?? will be run as a group ride (as I don't have the resources to get out and put up signs and arrows before the ride).  So, if you wish to go on ahead...just study the route well and don't get lost.

The 50km is simply an out and back with no preplanned stops.  So either follow your leader (whom I still need to find!!  Or know the route well...)

As mentioned above the 100(ish)km has a stop planned at 97 General store (buttertart!!) kilometre 58 on the route map.  In case you get off route you could meet back up with your group here.  Address for the store is 1817 Regional Road 97, Galt, near Valens conservation area.  (I also need to find a ride leader for this route!!  Anyone...anyone...Buehler???)

CaptButtertart at the 97 General Store with a buttertart!!

The 160(ish) will have two preplanned stops, again as mentioned above.  The first will be at BicycleWorksPaul's home on Barton road outside of  Brantford.  This is at approximately km 54 of the ride.  (When you let me know that you are coming for the ride I will message you the exact address...).  The second stop will again be at 97 General store (buttertart!!).  I will be leading this route.  If you have ever ridden with me you will know I am not brutally slow, but I am also not blazing fast ... so if you wish to ride ahead make sure you know the route...then we can regroup at the stops.  Although, if you are not used to 160+kms...its not such a great idea to go out at rocket pace...just sayin'...

So...anyways...that's the plans for the FreedomBurn so far. donate to the cause send the e-transfer to Jeff Ward...the normal progenitor of the Tilsonburn and of Freedom

And if anyone wishes to help me lead the 100 and 50 km routes...let me know!!

So...a bit of a switch of gears.  I have actually been riding/ prepare for the upcoming season...and to be in a little bit of reasonable shape for this FreedomBurn ride.  So far it has been frozen enough early mornings to get on on the mtb trail...on various mountain bikes...

some fatness

Even a single speed 29er...

Sometimes solo...but usually with the super fast, super technically-able BicycleWorks group...

Seriously, these folks are so fast, and gifted it is a huge challenge for me to keep them in sight on the trails.  These rides are only 1.5 - 2 hours long, but it's always better to ride with a fun group....especially a group that challenges you to be better.

Which is why it has been great, on my Sunday rides, to have a great group help push me through some longer rides.  Lately they have been rides to help scope out the Freedomburn routes...which always end with some great food and beverages prepared by Lois...for us to come home to...

In fact, a couple of welcome new faces this past Sunday...thanks for coming out RossM (M stands for Mail), and PaulD (D stands for Tall!!)...hopefully you keep coming out!  Oggie also made it out again...although he tried to ditch us and get to the buttertarts first...and got himself lost.  He did eventually show back up...a story for another day.  March 30th coming soon...need to get in shape fast!!

So, yes Good Friday soon upon is, so if you are planning to attend the FreedomBurn please let me know as soon as possible as Lois needs to know how much post ride goodness to prepare for.  (Yes...she is an angel...and a great chef!).  And maybe a keg may be required.  If you need more info about the ride, please let me know or check my recent past blog posts.

And if you can not make it, still feel free to send a donation to Wardy if you so choose.

Otherwise...get out there...ride...get ready for some fun/pain/hurt-so-goodness!!

Stay posted!

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