Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Bring A Chair!!

Lois says to remind everyone to bring a chair!!  So that's done.

Lois always has much to say.  I had a beer Sunday after the Riot ride (trying to keep Oggie in sight), I stood up from the couch and said, "Whew, that beer went right to my head!"
Lois said, "You're staggering!"
I said, "You're pretty attractive, too dear..."

Anyways, (sorry about that bad joke) the chair thing pertains to the FreedomBurn ride this Friday.  If you are attending, please bring yourself a chair.  There will be opportunity to socialize post ride....and sitting on the ground may not be ideal.

Post ride there will be a firepit.  Lois is frantically trying to determine what manner of food to prepare (heads up; we don't eat meat, so food options will not involve meats).  JennR is said to be preparing cookies...  

Other reminders (again):

Please be on time...ride will start sharply at start times.  (7am for 160...9am for 50 and 100s)

There are parking options down the road from our home. (see previous posts for details).

The routes posted in previous posts may vary depending on conditions.  Some trails may have to be bypassed...but the planned stops will still be in place.

Bring a chair.  (Not on the ride...but for after)...  OK, I won't mention it again...

There is a poll on the event page to let us know which distance you are doing. If you haven't answered it please do.

This won't be a speed-fest.  This will be more of a group ride style of ride.  However, you are responsible for you...come prepared to take care of yourself as you would for a solo ride.

There will be 2 water stops for the 160km group, and one for the 100km group as in a previous post.  Otherwise bring enough nutrition and hydration for your needs.

Finally, the whole lawyer talk, you are doing this at your own risk.  This is a ride you are choosing to do as your choice your discretion.  As said, you are responsible for you.

Just being up front.  Especially after spending 11 hours yesterday in a medical facility, I will be riding with a bit of an injury (hence no speed fest).

Then get home and this happens...

Then I find out my neighbour is stalking me.  She's been googling my name on her computer.  I know, cuz I saw it with my telescope last night.

Then my therapist tells me I'm too preoccupied with vengeance.  We will see about that...

OK all joking are liable and responsible for you.  So let's ride, have fun, love the burn and keep going...while supporting a great cause.

Remember, the intent of this is to help support Jeff Ward's very worthy cause.  Freedom help a deserving teen, who might not otherwise have the opportunity, to enjoy a bike and experience the love of cycling.

To donate send an e-transfer to with the security question 'What cause are we supporting?'  And the answer FreedomBike2018

OK...lets hope for great weather...see you Friday...and...

Stay posted!

                                                           Get your own chair!!

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