Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

TilsonburnAlternate - An Update of Sorts

So, the last couple of 'Riot' rides I have serupticiously been plotting possible routes for the Alternate Tilsonburn.  Alternate Tilsonburn??  What am I talking about??  Catch the details HERE (a previous post of mine).

So....I am hoping to have a 50km option, and 100km option, and a 160km option.  All three options should include gravel, rail trail, doubletrack, and single track...pieced together by sections of road.  A fatbike, a mountain bike, a cyclocross bike, or gravel bike should all suffice...pick your own steed of choice.

If you think you are tough enough to do the 160, you probably are.  Although you are likely not as tough as this guy...

Seriously....this guy (AdamKingOfTheHill)...decided, "Hey, let's go south and solo a 24 hr race.  I'm not in mid season race shape, so let's just do it for a fun trip".  So Adam and his wife Heather headed to Pueblo to have a fun trip....and solo the 24 hours of old pueblo.  Oh...and out of shape so he just came in 2nd overall.  WTF??  Ya...out of shape.  Way to go Adam!!  Officially tougher than this guy, even!!

 a little off track there; never happens...

So...the AltTilsonburn.  Good Friday.  Tentative plans:  160km option to start at 7am, the 50 and 100km options to start at 9am.  Plan is to be more of a group style ride....and the 160 and 100km options can hopefully include a midway stop at a bakery for refuelling/rewatering.....and...wait for it.  A Buttertart!!!  Planning to stop at 97 General store near Valens Conservation area for said sweet treat.

But the best part of the Tilsonburn is everyone who participates, thinks about participating, or hears about it, or saw a bike once is invited to contribute to FreedomBike.  FreedomBike is the creation of Wardy (who is the progenitor of the Tilsonburn, unable to make it happen this year due to family illness)...seriously if you have not checked out my original post you may be missing the most important info...

FreedomBike...Wardy's operation that provides a bike to a young person involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  You are able to contribute by sending an e-transfer to, to help a deserving young person experience the joy of the sport/activity we all love!

Well, usually love....the last bit of that 160km may be a bit more of a love/hate thing.  So best start training if you haven't been.  But not like my mom...she started walking every day when she turned 60.  She will be 80 this year and we have no idea where she is... e-transfer to to contribute to FreedomBike.  And come and ride...more details will follow as I figure them out. it's supposed to be +13 or better today....February.  So...Ima gonna get out for a ride.  Maiden voyage for a new steed.  Kona Ti Esatto...

Custom build by the talented BicycleWorksPaul...of BicycleWorks bike shop in Waterdown.  (Hence the name BicycleWorksPaul...ya...I'm so creative like that...). Nice work Paul!!

Anyways...let's go ride!!
Cya out there??

Stay posted!!

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