Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 8 June 2017

My Word!

So few things going on in the local mountain biking scene again this weekend.  (Hopefully you aren't too distracted by James Comey's testimony...) the O'Cup#3/Canada Cup#4 at Horseshoe Resort promoted by Superfly Racing.  This course is always challenging.  A ton of climbing...and rock gardens that will make you cringe.  If SuperflySean doesn't see pain and fear on your face, he won't be happy!!  I expect to see the regulars kicking arse...serious, Sagle, Jack, Dave and Valerie, Jody, JeffS and family, and the entire True Grit youth team.  If you want a challenge, get in on this race!!  The weather is supposed to be perfect!  (Maybe you will even catch Oggie smiling???)

Not so local MTB is the Grand Depart for the Tour Divide is Friday.  I haven't surveyed the roster yet, so I don't know if anyone 'local' is making the attempt on this crazy thing.

In the same vein is the American Trail race.  Into day 8 Dylan Taylor leads with 1321 miles in.  This race is as crazy as the Tour Divide!

The road version is the TransAm Bike race.  Into day 5 Ben Colwill leads 1333 miles in.
Yeah, I have been following the dots of these two races on Trackleaders....and I will be following the TD when it starts on Friday.

Local road happenings include the ride to conquer cancer this weekend.  A couple of long rides in the saddle for these participants. Blaze and misconceptionz volunteer as medical staff for this ride...I may have to join them to get the mileage (is kilometreage a word???) in...about 400km between the two days...

Anyways...that's it for today...short and sweet??  Could be could be watching the James Comey testimony...

Could be worse...

Besides....Team Colin should be out with a longer, more interesting blog post later today...

Anyways, the weather forecast for the weekend is amazing!  If you are not participating in one of the above events get out and enjoy and support a local trail!!  Mind the ticks...and those hanging inchworm things!


Stay posted!

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