Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Canada Cups and Turkeys

So...just a shortie to preview the weekend.

A couple of things going on in the mountain bike scene this weekend.

Another OCup/Canada Cup.  This one at Hardwood Ski & Bike...home of Emily...will she be there???  Hardwood is always such a great course...once home of the Pan Am Games mountain bike race it proves to be fun yet very challenging.  With many options for hills, root, rocks and many technical always has something for anyone willing to challenge their physical limits and mtb skills.  And Glenn of Pulse Racing always organizes an excellent event.  So if OCups are your thing you don't want to miss this one.  It is one of the best OCups of the season!

If OCups are not your thing, or you prefer longer endurance rides then Turkey Point may be the place to show.  Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club is hosting the EFT ride (Every F'n Trail)...a total of 77 kms on Saturday.  So, this is where I will be, riding the single speed.  Lois is coming with so she can scope out the local wineries while I ride.  Should be a blast!!

So many fun, flowy trails...with the occasional roots and rocks...drops and climbs.  Yes, climbs...if you are someone who thinks Turkey Point is haven't been hitting the proper trails.

I believe there is still room for registrants, but it is limited to 100 riders so if you are looking for a fun'd better get on it before it's can check it out here.  Turkey point is always a fun place to mtb in all weather conditions!

Anyways...on Sunday, Blaze and few other friends are doing a trail ride reminiscent of the old Lake to Lake race...from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario...a total of 55 kms.  So that's where I will be on Sunday...cuz Blaze and I have not suffered enough together for a few days now...  Riding the single again should help...

With a fresh new smaller rear cog to help me keep up...

And I am still following the dots on three big unsupported cross continental races...The Tour Divide, The American Trail Race, and The Trans Am Bike Race...
To me...currently the biggest battle in these races is in the Trans Am...with Evan Deutsch almost 3,000 miles in challenging Mike Hall's record!  And the ustoppable Janie Hayes only 200 miles behind Evan and challenging Lael Wilcox's record!!

Anyway...hope you are getting out on the trails somewhere this weekend!!  We dreamed of this weather all winter...and now it's here...rain or shine.

Hopefully we see you out there!

Stay posted!

Turkey Cat?? more Emily pic...

OK....go home now...

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