Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 22 June 2017

24 Hour Summer Solstice - The preview

Well it is here...almost.  One of the most fun mountain bike racing events of the year.

24 Hours Summer Solstice; run my's 20th anniversary!  Since 1998!  (Hopefully no trombones this year!)

For those unfamiliar (who doesn't know the 24HrSS??)...this race, held at Albion Hills Conservation area, is a lap (usually around 17 kms) that teams do in a relay...or that solo racers do repeatedly, starting at noon on Saturday, and ending at noon on Sunday.  There are teams of 6-10 racers, teams of 5, 4, 2.  And there are teams that do not race at night (???).  And there are solo racers.

I will be doing this race solo; and have for the past couple of years.  (I have done it on 5 man teams, and tag teams in the past...I think I have done this race every year since 2009.)



OK...that's enough.

I will have Blaze and MattyT helping me out in the pit again...and Lois may show up at some point to help out...

Blaze 'n' me...

Me 'n' Lois...OK, not...that is still Blaze...don't ask...

To you we pass the torch...MattyTee


Right...well, it's great to have great friends (and family)...and I will need all the help I can get, as I will be defending last year's first place in my age category.

And word is there is some very steep competition this year...right dskunk!!??

And I expect ApexTed will be there to chronicle it all...

There will be suffering...

For anyone not racing, SSSarah said it so well on her face book page...Sorry Sarah I am stealing your words cuz they make a great quote!

"For my non cycling local friends...are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? Do you wonder why I ride my bike so much? Well, come on out and see! I will be getting on the bike at noon on Saturday, and getting off again sometime around noon on Sunday because I can think of nothing more fun than riding my bike for 24 hours!! Honestly 😜 There is a Wellington beer garden, live music on the big stage, kids races and a tonne of people wandering, scantily clad in spandex! Please come cheer us on, have a beer and some BBQ, and enjoy the weekend!!"

SSSarah would know...she killed 20 laps last year to win her category (and tie for overall!!)...on a singlespeed!!!

I am still debating on whether my main race bike will be my rigid single speed Raijin...or the geared hardtail will be a gametime decision.

There will be many friends out for this one, again...

The PinoyPedalPushers are said to have a mega presence at this one!!

There will be Shikazes, Oggies, Guys, Giants, and Newfs...there will be True Grits, Lapdogs, BikeZones, and Energys...Alexas, Donnas, Sarahs, and Merediths...and more!!

So, if you're of luck!!  If you ain't...come on out and enjoy the's gonna be uuuuge!!

Till Tuesday...

Stay posted!!

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