Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Holy MTB Weekend!

Wow!!  What a weekend for this sport!!  So many events, one can get confused about who, what, where....  So many locals, kicked so much arse, in so many places!

I will use my superpower, sleuthing skills to make no sense of it all...

Let's start with the Wilmington Whiteface 100 cuz...I dunno...
100 kms of trail through Whiteface mountain in the Adirondacks of  New York State, this race is a Leadville qualifier.  The Great Canadian Sagle and his WolfPak team mates took part...and kicked massive mountain arse!  Coming back with 3 Leadville qualifying coins, and Sagle himself coming 6th overall (second in his cat) and qualifying for the Leadville gold coral with the pros!!  In case you haven't noticed Sagle has taken his mtb mojo to the next level (or two, or three) and is tearing up the local scene!

Next...the Mohican 100...cuz fast ladies...and guys!
A very popular mtb race in Loudonville, Ohio.  So many fast locals attended...I don't know them all but, careful (not necessarily sober) research uncovered that...Rhonda 2nd in 100mi, Louda 1st 100km, SSSarah 5th 100km, DonnaW 10th 100km...AdamH 4th 100mi, JasonVM top 10 SS 100mi, PeterF racing SS with a broken thumb...KevinM, Drew, Christina, Anouchka...and I'm sorry cuz pretty sure I likely missed some....but so many!!

Crazy gravel race...Dirty Kanza...200mi of some of the roughest gravel in the Flint Hills of Kansas...yes...200 MILES!!!  Crazy!  I'm not certain of the results...but 200 miles of gravel!!  Lapdogs Jouko, Ian, and Thomas...went to Kansas and kicked 200 miles of gravel!

Local MTB...The Humbler...number 3 in the XC Marathon MTB race series by Substance Projects.  60+kms in the Northumberland Forest of Ontario.  And the same cast of characters still killin it...including many True Grit-ters!!  And apparently nobody killed Dan due to the climbing in the last 5km of the lap???  Jack is still King (figure that one out!), well actually Luke was the overall King, Eric the Prince, Alexa is still Queen, Raf is head Clyde, Garnett is still the Master, and Jonathan destroyed SS!!

Next up for Substance Projects is the El Bandito...a kazzillion mile gravel/trail/CX kinda July.  Get ready for that one!!

Also this weekend was the KW Classic Road provincials where...once again KarenG once again showed toughness taking 3rd!

Not local at all...but interesting (to me) the American Trail race started this weekend.  5000 miles of mtb (or at least off road) from North Carolina to Oregon.  You can follow the blue dots (racers progress) at TrackLeaders.  Dylan Taylor is leading with 926 miles in...yup...926 MILES!!

The road version...the Trans Am Bike Race, also started this weekend and you can also follow the dots at this TrackLeaders.

So...again apologies to anyone I missed...this was alot for me to figure out...not quite rubic's cube...but still....

I didn't get out to race but I did get a 60km single speed mtb ride with 850m climbing chasing Jaimie, and PowerPaul around local trails on Saturday....and a 2 hour recovery ride Sunday.  Just fun stuff...

So much goin on....and more coming up...

Stay posted!!

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