Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Humbly Posted

So, November's August weather made for some dang good bike riding this weekend.

It started Thursday with riding my CX bike (Crux) the 23 kms out to Blaze's house.

Lakers on the lake on the way to Blaze's

From Blaze's he led a ride around the total about an 80km loop.  It was supposed to be a nice leisurely ride, Blaze wanted to test out a newly installed drive train; but the self proclaimed fat, out of shape Blaze would occasionally drop the hammer/attack/sprint at a leisurely extended 50-60kph...dropping me like a Friday afternoon French class.

I guess the universe decided I needed a good humbling.

Anyways, it turned out to be a great November CX ride.  Back at Blaze's he threw me a bag of pakoras saying, "Here, these are for you!"  Although they are the wrong country of Indian food, I happily scarfed them down...

Almost empty by the time I took the pic...

I don't know the store he gets them from (he is a regular there)....but they were awesome!  Although maybe next time some good native fry bread??

For Saturday's ride I had put out an open invitation to ride the local SteveTom, RobS, JocS, GrantSonOfSeth, RichardW, and UnknownMTBer (Rob's friend)...all O'Cup type racers on carbon race bikes...showed up to discover the Waterdown trails.  Our local trails are somewhat technical...and very, very climby;  2-3 hours on these trails is a great workout.  I chose to ride my Fatboy 29+ bike....perhaps too heavy of a beast.  It knocked the stuffing out of me to keep up to this speedy group.

I guess the universe decided I needed more humbling.

And just to make sure, the universe threw me to the ground a couple of times on this ride...on my own local trails...thanks're a pal.

Anyways...after about two hours the sun started getting low, and the final trail home was a very sketchy long rock garden so it was time to head back before shadows made it sketchier, to finish off another great ride.  And ended with an after party hosted by my favourite party host (who is also my favourite wife, cuz the love of a great woman is humbling in itself) Lois, who had readied some beverages and warm tamales and salsa.  The tamales and salsa came from one of our favourite places...50 Pesos Store and Food Truck in Burlington.  (Click on the logo for their website).

Best Latin food around!!  (and Vegan options!)


Then to round out the weekend...a Sunday ride.  Me and NewfieSteve headed towards Waterloo to the Hydrocut Trails, to meet Burnsy, Brian, and crew of riders from BicyleWorks in Waterdown...all very, very talented, fast riders.  And all on fatbikes.  'Cept on my single speed 29er mountain bike.  I fit in like an orange jersey in a sea of black...

And the fatbikes pummeled my singlespeed arse for the entire ride.

I guess the get the picture.  Yes...humbled, again.

Apparently, it seems like I always have much more work to do...just to keep up.  Shouldn't I get a trophy just for participating??

Speaking of trophies...a very superdy duperdy....huge congratulations has to go out to DanOfSubstance and Substance Projects for this...

That is awesome...and so well deserved...years of hard work and dedication to the sport, and appreciated by so many mountain bikers!  Way to go Dan!!  Now...about that TransCanada unsupported race....????

And speaking of about that Supermoon this weekend??  I stayed up late/got up early just to watch on both Sunday and Monday nights.  That bright giant ball of light on its own slow ride across the clear night sky not filtered by cloud, unfettered by aurora...reminding us of the beauty and the power of nature.  One of the reasons we mountain bike.  A beacon that perhaps there is yet hope for the human race to make a better world.  And a reminder for me to appreciate all of the friends that chose to ride with me this weekend.

Thank you!

So, until Thursday...

Stay posted!

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