Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Get Out!!

Well, this one is going to be short and...OK...just short....cuz...

...This ridiculous November weather!!  (Hey, am I the only person who always spells rediculous with an 'e' then has to go back and correct it??)

Anyways, seriously...the remainder of this week has the mid teens predicted (temperatures...not people)...with Friday a clear sky and +20 degree forecast!!  WTF??  My memories of growing up in Saskatchewan have Novembers with the natural ice rinks ready for hockey, snowy streets being plowed, and gophers asleep for weeks!

I had hunkered my road bike away for the season, but I may have to pull that beast out for today...just to say I did.  A long sunny ride...maybe a buttertart stop??

And tomorrow (Friday), with the +20 forecast, friends are considering taking the day off (PowerPaul, NewfieSteve, and...anyone else???).  The intention being a MTB roadtrip; with the likely destination being Turkey Point.

Then, if the weather holds into the weekend....the possibilities wide open!  (Except for Kelso...apparently they have closed for the season).

So really what are you doing sitting inside at a desk...reading this?  In the indomitable words (word?) of my pal TeamColin, "Ride."  Or at the very least...get out there!  Mid November, sunny is too short.  Play hooky, call in slick (ya, you read that right), or tell them you are going to get the mail...or grab a coffee...or go pee...then make a break for it!!  Run!!  Be free!!  Giggle like a school girl....or like Fig.

At the very least make a worthy story this weekend.  I'm outta here!  Maybe we will see you on the road, or on the trail!

Stay posted!


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