Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Monday, 22 August 2016

Non-Olympic Tuesday

Well I'm feeling it...the Olympic hangover.

Yup...missing the nearly 24 hour coverage...and not just for the sports.  It is inspirational to hear the athletes stories...and after all the negative coverage going into the is great to experience all the positive values displayed in the performances.  All the things the Olympics are supposed to be about...Friendship, Determination, Pursuit of Excellence, Respect, Inspiration...all that good stuff.

And now we are left with the negative media manipulation of the news, the sideshow of the American political race, and good old prime time programming...which is why my TV will mostly stay off.

Ah...sorry if I'm getting a little negative here....

Well....OK then...I apologize if that's getting a little too edgy...

OK then...let's move on...

On local mtb...there was the Grease Monkey Challenge in Paisley, Ontario.  All the reports I have heard indicate it was a great event...5 hours of riding on fun trails.  I didn't get there this year...maybe next year.

There was an O'Cup this weekend...waaaaay up in Elliot Lake, Ontario.  A few of the locals made the long trek up and did well...some podium spots.  Well done all!  Specifically, a couple members of the Rock & Road Youth Team...Mexican, and Grant.  These two are really making a name for themselves on the local race scene!  If they stick with it, who knows what the future could hold...maybe members of tomorrow's Team Canada!

And then there was Seth.  No podium at Elliot Lake...but an inspirational story of determination.  In his own words...

"Leading the pack 2 km in, my temptation to run lower tire pressure for traction , resulted in burping a large amount of air. Tried 2 C02 cartridges, but the inflator blew up on me. I was thinking of just giving up. But we didn't drive 15 hrs round trip to not finish. So I limped it back the 2 km to the start to get some air, and started all over again. Huge cheers from spectators motivated me big time! Especially after almost throwing in the towel. I was behind by a large margin now, but managed to catch and pass one other rider, to finish 5th (out of 6). All in all, even with a race result that was lower than my expectation, the trip was well worth while! It is absolutely stunning in Elliot Lake!"

Very Pendrel-like there Seth!!  Awesome work!!  Maybe another member of tomorrow's Team Canada??  (Maybe then you can get me Emily's autograph???)  Or is that too weird??

Besides, you'd probably keep the autograph for yourself anyways...

Anyways, as far as my weekend...I spent most of the last weekend riding the heck out of the new 29+ wheels on the fatbike!  Mostly riding with Burnsy and Jaimie.  That bike with those wheels...almost too much fun to put into words (but I did in the previous blog post)!!  Seriously, it transforms the fatbike into a super-fun summer trailbike!  If you want to turn your fatbike into a crazy fun summer ride....check into the wheel swap! 

With those wheels, I could almost keep up to Burnsy and Jaimie...until the post ride recovery beverages... with the Olympics over...I am in search of my own inspiration!!

Not the Riders...they suck this year!!  It's all about Lois!!!

Well that should score me point or two...not that that is my motivation!!

Speaking of motivation....yes, I am getting my race mojo back...cuz there are a few events coming up I want to do well at.  

But...let's talk about that Thursday, shall we?  (I need to keep some post material in hand, right??)

Until then...keep the positive vibe, and...

Stay posted!

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