Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 18 August 2016

A Real Wheel Review Plus Sized

So...after 100 miles on the cross torrential rain...on gravel, rocks, and grass; it's time to get back into the easy stuff...mountain biking. start at the beginning...a couple of weeks ago I go to my local bike shop (OK....I go almost every damn day...), Bicycle Works in Waterdown.  Now, I probably don't give my bike shop enough air time here.  But suffice it to say...they are friggin awesome!!

Yeah...two logos....just cuz I couldn't decide which one to post here...

They know bikes, inside and out...they have been riding most of their lives...and still ride.  I can't keep up to them...not that that is saying much.  In fact most of our local trails were built by them.

They deal mostly in Specialized and Kona brands (and have dabbled in others)...but with two expert mechanics on staff, they can fix/repair/service anything!  (Paul is also a farmer, so he can probably work on your car, truck, combine as well!).

Friendliest shop on the planet...although their sense of humour can be questionable at times (always?...or more than likely it's just me...); Paul and Jim have come to be a couple of my closest friends.

So...there is my much overdue plug for the day...

I apologize if I kind of snuck that one in on ya...

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago...I go to BicycleWorks...and Paul says to me, "Mike, check this out...".  Now, I'm not sure how it works at other shops...but at BicycleWorks this basically means the immediate loss of any loose change, 'spare' cash (if there ever is such a thing...), and quite possibly any equity in your home.

Yeah...Paul is a dealer...I am a crack head of bikes, components, gear...and Paul knows it.

In this case it resulted in me doing a test ride...of Paul's fatbike.  Now, I already have a fatbike (a Specialized Fat Boy...from Bicycle Works of course...)...but this one was equipped with 29+ wheels and tires...not the regular fatbike wheel/tire setup.  And what a HUGE difference it makes!!

It truly, completely transforms the bike!  It is no longer the mushy feel of a fact it is almost the best of all the options in mountain biking!  The ride over rocks, roots, drops feels like a full suspension.  Climbs feel like the efficiency of a hardtail.  The traction on twisty singletrack, and climbs feels like the confidence inspiring traction of a fatbike.

It truly results in a brand new bike, a hugely fun bike, for the price of new wheels and tires!!  And in a year where $ are tight in the House of Riot...this worked perfect for me.  So this is what I ended up with...

A little closer, and without the dufus...

Does it look different on the trails??

Come winter and snow...the fat wheels/tires can go back on...and it will be a snow riding fatbike once again.  For you detail folks (Unglued??), these are the specs of the wheels...

Rims - Stans Hugo 52
Hubs - DT Swiss 350 (the closest thing to high performance indestructible I have found)
Tires - Maxxis Chronicle 29x3.00
Wheel-build by Paul at BicycleWorks

So, an awesome, fun training bike...will I race it??  Maybe!  Though it is still heavier than my race bike setup (the aluminum fatboy with no carbon components and the 29plus wheels weighs in at 29lbs....the race bike 23lbs) doesn't feel heavier!!  It just feels fun and fast!!  The comfort, traction, and greater confidence may be ideal for endurance/marathon races...and could result in just as fast times.  More testing/riding required...

Yesterday I went to my bike shed to get the bike for a ride...and found this...

Yeah...apparently someone thinks my bike shed is the perfect place to store their walnuts for the winter....

Yeah...anyways...I am apparently getting off track here.
So...if you are in the market for a new fun bike (or even if you aren't), for the fraction of the cost of a new fun bike...head over to BicycleWorks and take Paul's fatbike for a test ride...I dare ya!!

For now...I'm gonna go ride my bike!
Have a great weekend!!

Till Tuesday...
Stay posted!!

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