Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Monday, 4 June 2012

A World Of Hurt –Riot’s Sunday

Yes, a world of hurt.  That was my day yesterday, thanks to Centurion and Fig.  160 kms road ride to Fergus and back, at an average 29 km/hr pace.  In my books these guys are elite road endurance athletes.  They are single-mindedly determined to achieve their goals when on their bikes!  Any momentary diversion or distraction on my part; to hear the call of a bird, or call out a ‘hello’ to a field of horses or cattle (why not??) had me looking up to see them now 100s of metres ahead of me.  Then of course, it took an extreme amount of effort to catch them (which didn’t always happen)!  A couple of interesting distractions that I did encounter: a large wild turkey sprinted (as much as turkeys can sprint) across the road behind Centurion and in front of me at one point, and I came across a huge vulture enjoying a roadside meal at another (I was hoping this was not an omen!).

Back on topic Riot!  (See how easily I am distracted!?)  I am definitely not a good roadie.  I find the steady grind of a 40 km/hr pace for over a half an hour at a time on some sections utterly excruciating, mentally and physically.  Give me hills, roots, rocks, jumps, twisty single track, and berms!  I am a mountain biker!!  (Or at least a wanna be!!)  While the efficiency and quickness of a road bike can be intoxicating, at training paces and distances road riding sucks!  It just hurts!!  But it is exactly what I need to get better.  So thanks Centurion and Fig for kicking my lethargic ass!  Let’s make this a weekly routine?

P.S.:  Yes I am still hurting today! (Monday)
Centurion was demoing a brand new 2012 S-Works Venge on this ride.

Fig made a new best friend at the Fergus Tim Horton's.  The gentleman in the safety vest was thirsty for Fig's vast array of knowledge on bike mechanics!

Yours truly, pretending to look like I am enjoying this.

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