Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

This Just In…Mountain Biking This Week!!

With the local trails still mud infested, we have had to head out of town to get some Mountain Biking in so far this week.  Besides, it is fun to ride other trails.

So Sunday had me, NewfieSteve, Launchzone, and EnglishJim (4 out of 5 of our 24 hr race team) head to Hardwood Hills.  It was a very hot humid day, so plenty of hydration was required.  We started off on one of the longest most difficult trails, to get properly warmed up.  The trails were just wet enough to be tacky, with only a few muddy spots.  Hardwood is great for having a variety of trails of differing lengths, levels of difficulty, all well marked and unidirectional, and all start and end back at the chalet/store/office.  We managed to get in 3 hours of fairly fast paced riding before letting the heat get the better of us.  Believe it or not EnglishJim did not break anything!!  Launchzone, however, managed a couple of endos…waiting on NewfieSteve’s video report on that one.  When its in I will add it to this post!!  (Sorry, Lauchzone!). 

EDIT:  OK, so here it is...although I am not that tech literate...I couldn't get the video to embed here properly, but clicking on this link will open the video.  It is worth it!!!
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Monday had me and NewfieSteve play work hooky and head to Kelso to ride.  The trails were bone dry, but the rocks were wet and very slick.  However, had a couple of near misses but managed to avoid any disasters, and got in two hours of moderate pace riding.
Supposed to be great weather from Wednesday on this week.  Lets see what it brings us.
On a different note, Centurion and Fig rode in the Rideau Lakes Tour this weekend.  That a 360 km ride over two days (Ottawa to Kingston and return).  Apparently, it took a toll on Fig.  Think the empty drink glass had anything to do with this??

Actually, they averaged over 30km/hour for the entire distance!!  That is fast!!  Well done, gents!!
And that is all for now!

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