Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Recovery Week

With the trails too muddy to ride, and my road bike in the shop (just got it back this afternoon) to get a new bottom bracket, I managed to get in a couple of recovery road rides on the MTB yesterday, and today.  Just a couple of short, easy rides after Sundays warp speed marathon.  The quads were a little stiff yesterday, but feel fine today.

Also, played hockey last night and again tonight.  Then hoping the trails dry out enough to get back out tomorrow; likely with the BicycleWorks group ride.

And ain’t Environment Canada predicting quite the mix of weather this week?   Way to keep all your bases covered guys!!

Also had a team member drop out of the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice race this week, at the last minute, so we are on a search for a 5th.  If you know of anyone who will be interested let me know.  We managed a podium spot at the last 24 hr event (Hot August Nights 2011), so no pressure! 


  1. Sorry for the last minute pull out. I honestly still want to do the race but made a tough choice. DW told me I could go and all would be fine but when I asked the kids their thoughts my daughters face said it all. Hoping to gain enough street cred before next year to get back on your team otherwise will have to canvas. Need me to post on MTBR for a replacement (head hung in shame) or do you have someone in line? What are you doing the Sun before??

    1. I may be going up to Haliburton the weekend before to ride. Don't normally get up there at all...and that is where the Crank is so would be nice to get a preview.

      We don't have a replacement yet, but have a couple more people to ask (tonight on the BW group ride).