Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Monday, 9 April 2012

Training Update; Week 9 of 10

Weekly Goals = MTB 8 hours, Road/Trainer 3 hours, Weights 3 hours

Week  Actual = MTB 9 hours, Road 6 hours, Weights 1.5 hours, Hockey 0 hour (hockey is done for the season, out in the first round of the playoffs).
Current Weight = 193 lbs.

Notes of noteworthy note this week
The Homage to Ice race last Sunday (see previous post!)
An hour on the road bike Monday, on local roads, as a recovery from Sunday.
Borrowed BicycleWorks Paul’s CX bike for a ride on Tuesday.  Paul wants me to use the CX in the upcoming Paris to Ancaster race.  I am considering but need to log some hours on the bike to get used to it.  Also not sure how the gearing will handle on Martin’s hill.
Three hours on the MTB on Wednesday on two separate rides.  A local trail solo ride in the morning and the BicycleWorks group ride on ‘The Dump Run’ in the evening.
Thursday had me and NewfieSteve out for a 4 hour road ride.  We headed north to the village of Moffat stopping there briefly at Dar’s bakery to fuel up with a couple of Dar’s buttertarts.  We then headed west to Dee’s bakery near Valens Conservation Area on Road 97 to refuel with a couple (OK three!) of Dee’s buttertarts.  We then headed south to Dundas to have a recovery beverage at Cafe Domestique where my very (very, very) good wife Heidi met us to carry our sorry arses home.  This may have turned into a calorie neutral ride but it was tasty and fun!!
Saturday was two hours on the MTB with group from BicycleWorks out on the ‘Dump Run’, ‘Limeys’, and ‘RockCliffe’.
Hoping to get a ride in Sunday morning before having too much turkey and ham in the evening.  Also want to confiscate Paul’s CX bike this week and get some ride time on it if I am to use it in the P2A!!

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