Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Sunday, 22 April 2012

This Week Mountain Biking (fancy title eh?!)

Week  Activity = MTB 9.5 hours, CX 2.5 hours, Weights 0 hours, Hockey 0 hour.

Sunday was the Paris to Ancaster Race (see previous blog for all the glorious details)...basically a muddy, messy challenge!  And my first time racing a CX bike.
Monday was a solo recovery ride on the local trails.  Supposed to be a recovery ride, but every time I came up to a challenging hill (and there are more than a few of those out here!) I had to test my limits; so more of workout than a recovery.  So took Tuesday off as a rest day.
On Wednesday early morning  I went out for a local solo ride.  Good workout type of hill climbing ride.  Wednesday evening was a group ride with BicycleWorks.  These guys kill me!  They are so technically gifted (far, far beyond far), that it takes all of my stamina to catch and keep up to them...especially after a technical downhill!!   So, overall Wednesday was an intense workout day!  I love it!!
Thursday was a 2.5 hour ride out at Kelso with NewfieSteve.  A fast, flowy ride for the most part.  Then we came down ‘Fire’ a rocky twisty downhill trail), and planned on climbing ‘Ascension’ (we call the climb ‘Grunt’) a 3 stage loosely gravelled road climb, but it was closed for construction.  So we headed up the ‘Green Meanie’ (our name for this trail)...basically a trail straight up the ski hill; it’s one of the longest, steepest climbs around here.  It's not technical but climbing that damn thing was like doing a 200 rep leg press workout!!  A lung busting, quad tearing, soul destroyer; starting as a dirt singletrack, ending as slippy grass.  I love it!!  (I say that the time I was telling myself how stupid this is!, why am I doing this?, when are we quitting?, CAR!!)
Friday was a well deserved rest.  Saturday was a 3 hour ride at Albion with NewfieSteve, and EnglishJim, followed by a BBQ recovery meal at Albion’s campground.  Nothing postable occurred here!!  J
This was a bad week for me as diet discipline gotta get back on that bandwagon!  Fat don’t equal fast, unfortunately!!   Four whole weeks to the next scheduled race though....may have to find one or two to do in between.  Will keep you posted!!!

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