Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Training Update; Mountain Biking; Cyclecrossing; Paris to Ancaster

Weekly Goals = MTB 8 hours, Road/Trainer 3 hours, Weights 3 hours
Week  Actual = MTB 9 hours, CX 2.5 hours, Weights 0 hours, Hockey 0 hour.
Current Weight = 193 lbs.

Training Notes
This brings me to the end of my ‘official’ 10 weeks of training; with the first race on my schedule taking place tomorrow (Paris to Ancaster).  Time to see if I did it right!  The nerves are goin!!

This week on the bike(s)
Managed to make it out to Dundas with NewfieSteve on Sunday for a good, long, intense ride, finding some of the more technical singletrack amongst the rail trails and double track.  We also managed to throw ourselves at Martin’s Hill (the lon,g drawn out lung busting, leg cramping climb that makes up the last 2 kms of the Paris to Ancaster race) for a couple of runs.
Monday had me soloing the local trails.  The Waterdown trails are so hilly and technical; an hour ride is like a three hour ride anywhere else.  Tuesday was a local morning ride with Rod.  This man loves the hills which made for a very intense ride!!  If this wasn’t enough Wednesday evening was a local ride with BicycleWorks Jim, for more very intense hill climbing.  BWJim is getting back into shape fast after a 5 week medical layoff!!  I was completely sapped after Tuesday’s rides!!
I also got a couple of rides this week on BicycleWorks Paul’s CX bike that I will be using in the P2A race.   Managed to get it out to Martin’s Hill as well, to check out how the skinnier tires and taller gearing will treat me.  Should be interesting!!!

A 60 km sprint, in what looks to be a warm rainy day.  My main goal is to beat last year’s time (2hr31min15sec).  Also want to keep up to my friends that are also participating.  Fig beat me by 6 minutes last year, but he is far faster this year (and about 40 years younger than me!).  NewfieSteve will have his SWorks Epic out for its first race.  EnglishJim will be out on his shiny, new (this week!!)custom built, titanium 29er!
Look for the race report this coming week!!

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