Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Monday, 30 April 2012

How to Make a Million Dollars, Be Undeniably Desirable to the Opposite Sex, and Have a Happy Life

A few rainy days this week, kept the saddle hours down (no native jokes here please, I know we prefer bareback).  Still managed four good rides between Sunday and Saturday, each of them 2 hours or less, but all pretty intense.

Did also get out this Sunday and Monday...not so much training, but fairly good rides.  Time to get back into training mode though.  Need to get back on the nutrition bandwagon too (again with the native/western reference...however I have no reservations about that), after a soft week in that regard.  Next big race is not until May 20th, so I am keeping my eyes open for something to compete in between now and then.  I believe the Albion race series starts this week so that may be an option.

Finally, I ordered a new bike a couple months ago.  There has been a delay in shipping but the bike is now in Montreal, awaiting final shipping to Waterdown.  Hopefully this week!!  I will keep you posted!!

Oh, and about the blog title; I’m still working on that.

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