Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Training Plan Update, Week 3 of 10

Weekly Goals = MTB 8 hours, Road/Trainer 3 hours, Weights 3 hours

Week 3 Actual = MTB 6 hours, Road/Trainer 2.5 hours, Weights 3 hours, Hockey 1 hours.

Current Weight = 196 lbs.

Notes of Note for the week:

A near foot of snow followed by mild melting temperatures made the trails temporarily unrideable during the week.  Plus these conditions made it tough to get out on the road, so the trainer it was...but man that thing is crazy arse boring.  (Please don't read those last three words the wrong way!)

To help I got three movies, BicycleDreams, Race Across America, and Ride the Divide.  Those are some TOUGH races, and TOUGH riders.  If those movies don't motivate you, they might make you throw your bike away (if you are gonna do that, call me first...I may take it for you).  I highly recommend them.

I am making an attempt during week 4 to eliminate alcohol consumption (empty calories and generally bad for the body...but great for the mind;  I love my 40 Creek!), at least until I can get my body fat down to where I want it.  Plus my LCW Heidi was diagnosed this week with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis (which appeared almost over night and turned her from a hot sexy 24 {48} year old, into a hot sexy 100 year old).  A shot of steroid has given her some relief until the prescribed medication and natural remedies have time to set in.  In the meantime she has to eliminate alcohol from her diet (and she is a wine connoisseur) so I will lend moral support by doing same.  Wish me, and her, luck.

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