Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Whoa POW!!

So it would seem that Ma Nature is having quite the chortle at our expense this week.  Just when we were getting a handle on this spring/summer thing.  Well, maybe I am the only dufus...looking forward to the warmer weather like a cat hearing the food can open...

I've already removed the fat wheels off my Fatboy (almost two weeks ago!) and put the 29+ on.  I have managed a couple of rides on them before the snow hit.  The latest ride was this past Sunday, with Giant.  Was actually quite an epic ride...almost 60kms, with 1000+m climbing, over 4 hours.  Actually this ride was more of a test of the new Absolute Black oval ring I had the fellows at BicycleWorks in Waterdown install on the Fatboy.  Once again the oval ring is a home run!!  (I have already installed one on my CX bike, and my race MTB bike)  It noticeably evens out the power across the full range of the pedal stroke making the longer rides a little less energy draining, and much, much easier on the knees!!  Especially on the heavier Fatboy.

Ah well, the 29+ will stay on the Fatboy.  No looking back now...

Dec 2016...D'Oh!!!  Looked back.  (Pic Cred: Blaze)

Could be worse, Facebook sent me this happy little memory from March 9 2008...

So, yeah...enough looking back...

Seriously...looking rainbows and happiness (right Fig?)...or at least to the classic (and soon to be classic) spring races and rides happening in April.

There is the Steaming Nostril on April 9th, which has quickly become a classic.  SteveS has some interesting write-ups and details on his blog at (And who knows, maybe you can con him out of a RideCycleSpin toque!!)  62kms on gravel and rail....and a few surprises, is always something to look forward to in April!

Then there is Wardy's 3rd Annual TillsonBURN on Good Friday April 14th.  A friendly 100+km ride (race?) around Tillson, with donations accepted for a great cause...Freedom Bikes for Teens.

The next day April 15th is SubstanceProjects Homage 2 Ice out near Mansfield, the first DanOfSubstances XC Marathon MTB race series.  Yeah...two big events.  I'll be doing both...if unglued can do it, I can...and you should too!!

April 23rd is O'Cup 1 in Woodnewton.  A must do race...just to be humbled by how much into mid season form everyone but me is already into.

Then the iconic Paris 2 Ancaster to round out the month on the 30th.

So...come on Ma Nature....bring spring!!

I'm also looking forward to picking up this beauty...

The latest work of mtb art (burned into live edge wood!!) by my friend local famous rock climber, mtb'er and artist JJMisfits (her nick name is Jany) that I was lucky enough to acquire.  It will look great hanging by the Janey drawing already on our wall...

Anyways...there is still a foot of snow out there...but it's supposed to be well above zero for the weekend...spring will be back before we know it, so let's see what kind of rides we can make happen!  At least a 3 hour ride each day right??

As for now, its blue sky and sunshine out let's show nature some love and get outside!!

Stay posted!

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  1. There are currently only two RideCycleSpin hats in existence. I have one, and TeamColin has one. However, I'm still bribeable to make some more...