Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Turkey Point Canada Cup

So, since there were no local organized events that I was aware of this weekend...I dragged a few weekend warrior friends out to Turkey Point.  Some who had never been before.

BicycleWorksPaul behind the camera

With the snow now gone...for good?...I had the BicycleWorks mechs put the 29+ wheels on my Fatboy...and looked forward to getting the chubby wheels back out onto the trails again!

Jordan led most of the ride.  In case you didn't know Jordan is 11 time Canadian National Superbike he knows how to handle a bike more than most (any??) folks.  And he knows the area he took us on some 'Jordan' trails...a little (lots!!) more climbing;  and when him and BicyclWorksPaul decided to go the rest of us were dropped like my ego at an O'Cup.

We also ran into several other friends out there.  Including Fatboy Nation regulars, Raf, Jenn, Heather, Brent.  I'd like to say just regular folks, but...

...there's nothing regular about Raf or the Fatboy Nation crew...

Why is everyone out at Turkey Point??  Because the trails out there are mint!!  Mid summer packed dirt!!  85kms of fun, variety, challenge, and fun!!  I have been out there 3 times already this I thought I had better get a membership.  So I did.  If I want to enjoy them gotta support our local trails!!  Keep up the great work TPMBC!!

In other local 'news', Oggie suspected he had seen DanOfSubstance, undercover in a suspicious video...

Dan and his 'stache...too much macho...

Dan???  Ron???

Anyways...I wouldn't know anything about that....

Actually there was an organized event this weekend...and though it wasn't local, there were some local racers who made some noise.  CanadaCup #1 took place in Bear Mountain, BC.

In the elite men's category, Raphael Gagne of PanAm/Olympic fame took the win ahead of crowd favourite Geoff Kabush, and local (to us) Derek Zandstra.  Other locals Quinton and Peter Disera finished in the top 10.

In the elite women's Olympic bronze medalist Catharine Pendrel eked out a win by seconds over our local favourite and PanAm champ Emily Batty.



OK, OK...that's enough!

In junior men's Gunnar Holmgren from Barrie took a clear first place, with his Barrie teammate Brody Sanderson taking third.

In junior women's Sidney McGill of Edmonton came in second to American Gwendalyn Gibson, with Dana Gilligan of Craighurst, Ontario taking third and Sarah Fabbro of Barrie coming in sixth.

And so...that was the mtb weekend as I saw it...sort of...

What's up this week??

Stay posted!


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