Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Day Off

So sorry.  I am taking a bit of a day off from today's post.

Too much to consider for the weekend.

From testing AbsoluteBlack oval rings ala BicycleWorks.

To purchasing some MTB artwork from JJMisfits.

To considering what bikepacking equipment is necessary.

To delivering some MTB hall of frame to a friend.  (yeah you read that right.)

To having Ross Rehab in Hamilton work their magic on my shoulder injury.

To consider other MTB trail memberships I should be supporting.

To curiously see what the Pinoy Pedal Pushers, and Fatboy Nation members might be up to this weekend...and what kind of training you racer types might be up to...

To see what rides the BicycleWorks group may be up to.

And figure out why Lois hired a guard to watch over my bikes...

Or maybe I just need a haircut??

What's this all mean??  I don't really know...

For now...I am just going to ride my Fatboy now fitted with the 29+ wheels for the non-winter seasons.  (Cuz that's what CoachRob said!)  Then I will figure the rest out...

I hope...

Stay posted!

Lois' (my??) bike 'guard'....

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