Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Winter Briefs

Well winter returned this weekend...I guess it needed a valentine??

The return of sub zero temps turned the previous rain to ice...and Friday and Saturday the trails were a combination of glare ice...glare ice covered with a skiff of snow...or previously soft snow that had now frozen solid and mostly heavily post holed by hikers.

So, for me this meant a couple of days of riding the single speed, cuz it's the only bike I have studded tires on.  This meant great workouts, cuz it is so hilly here on the escarpment...and single speed...and ice.  So Friday I headed west along the fallsview trails, to the Spencer Creek trails, to the trails at Christie Lake.  An occasional laugh to myself where it was obvious hikers had decided to slide down icy hills on their arses.

Saturday, still icy, took the single speed east...through the very hilly and technical Waterdown trails, through the King Road trails along the top of the escarpment to Kerncliffe Park trails.  This time there were a few studded fatbike riders along the way.  And another great workout!  But two rides in a row, and no wipeouts!!  I must not be trying hard enough.

Then Saturday evening and night the winter wonderland took over!  Snow...lots of it!  So Sunday was time for the fatbike.  The snow was so wet and heavy, and the trails unbroken it made for a huge (yuuuuge???) effort...all in the guise of fatbike awesomeness!!

Always better with at least two sets of tracks, 
but solo is OK too!

Sorry too deep?  (The thought I mean...not the snow...)

Speaking of too deep, word is in the world of LandHam they got 70cm of the snowy stuff!!  I guess Hoking and Shoeing will be the activities (other than shoveling and pushing!) du jour out there!  And great new opportunities to get trucks stuck!!

Also...some Wendigo hunting went on this past Saturday up in the Pembroke/Cobden area!!

150 kms on fatbikes!!

The Start

There were also 50km and 100km race options.  But local legends JackP, and AdamF were both tackling the full 150!!  And they kicked it!!

Adam, first place!!  12 hours even!!  
(Didn't recognize him with sleeves!)

Jack second place!!  12 hours 40 minutes!!

The podium, Jack, Adam, Greg.
3 tough dudes!!

I'm not sure what the course conditions were, or the temps...but 150kms on fatbikes!!!  You will have to ask these dudes their stories...they gotta be great!!

So...what's up for the rest of this week??

Hey!!  No Fake News!!
(or Blaze News??)

Well you all know what today is, right??

Well Lois got me this...

In case you thought this post was getting too sappy....

Anyways...I get off track...again.

Get out there and make it great!!  And...

Stay posted!

Happy Lois day, everyone!!

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