Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

FAsT Times

So the final race of SubstanceProjects 45NRTH Ontario Fatbike Race Series took place this past weekend.  And Team True Grit showed up.

Grant took third in the U20 age cat.

Well done Grant!!

Seth and Giant came in 2nd and 3rd on the day in the Men's age 35-49 cat.

I apologize for JeffS always photobombing all the podium shots...

Reminds me of this guy...

JeffS does deserve it though...he kind of won the series overall title for that category.

Other friends of note:

Burnsy with a close 4th place on the day.
JackP with a blistering pace to take 1st on the day in age 20-34 cat and 1st on the series overall.
Alexa dominating the women on the day and on the series overall.

And that is it for the Fatbike series.  Maybe fitting given the spring weather we have had through February...and not a flake of snow left here.  So, for Substance Projects it is the XC Marathon Series, and couple of StuporCross races coming up this season.  Bring it on, Dan!!

I spent the weekend trying to get half as fast as all the guys 'n' gals mentioned above.  I recruited BicycleWorks Paul as my slave driver of choice (Try keeping up to this guy sometime!!).

I felt like this guy...

Saturday was a recovery ride gone bad (sorry CoachRob)...chasing Paul and Gregg around a 5 minute interval course for two hours on CX bikes.

Sunday was chasing (unsuccessfully) Paul and NewfieSteve around the twisty singletrack (they love that stuff but it is the bane of my mtb existence) of Turkey Point for three hours.  Exactly the practice I need!!  BTW...Turkey Point trails are in mid summer mint conditions right now!!!

I looked forward to the Turkey Point ride.  BicycleWorks had just set me up with a new AbsoluteBlack oval ring for my mtb.

Where is ApexTed when you need a good pic taken??

I didn't think an oval ring would make that much difference, but it really evened out my stroke!  (Don't get excited there Fig!)  Especially with more torque/power applied...and made for a more comfortable ride on the knees and power muscles.  I look forward to using it in the marathon and endurance races...and now need to get one for all my bikes!!

Here is a pie chart to help explain...

OK...maybe not so much...

Anyways...I mentioned mid-summer like conditions...but things are not always what they seem...

Do ya see it??

I think that is supposed to mean white mocha....but....

Anyways...I get off far as not always what they seem...apparently we are supposed to get 20billions cms of rain over the next two days...

So...let's get out there before the flood!!
Stay posted!!

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