Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Gettin Sprung on Spring

So....snow is almost non-existent here now.  Considering that the temps got near +20 here both Saturday and Sunday.  Spring time in February!!  So...that meant the trails would be mud; so that meant breaking out the CX bike for road and gravel riding.

And that is what happened.

After watching the sunrise I happened to talk NewfieSteve into riding for some buttertarts on Saturday.  Though there was a nasty wind from the west, the sunny warm temps kept us motivated to stay out.  We made a brief stop at Dee's bakery in Valens for buttertart number one...

Steve's Newfie pre-tart prayer.

Then on to a sketchy crossing of Highway 6, Frogger style...onward to Maddaugh Springs to refill water....

Steve was hoping it was Screech.

We stayed mostly clean until the soggy gravel of Concession 11 northwest of Moffat...

Which was just before we got to Dar's bakery in Moffat.  And Dar is known to be a bit harsh at times (always), so we were a little reticent at walking into her establishment in our now rather dirty state.  But, it was all fact Dar made fun of our muddy arses, and made mention that she was glad she was not one of our wives.  (I think Steve was hoping he had a shot...)

So, buttertart and coffee at Dar's...

Then south through Kilbride, west through Carlyle....and home.  137kms, almost 1000m of elevation in nearly +20 degree temperatures.  It was a great day!!  Then Lois and I topped it all off with way too much food at Boon Burger in Burlington with Blaze and Laura.

But lots of weekend left!!  Sunday...beautiful sunrise again; and another spring weather day!  Perfect conditions once off to ride the muddy gravel of Galt/Cambridge area with this speedy crew!

Burnsy's gang:  MikeT, Moi, Burnsy, Al

Then from there it was a solo ride home...with an awesome tailwind the entire way!

speckled trout??

72km, and another 500m of elevation.  No buttertarts...but home to have a quiet firepit (first one of the year!) evening with Lois.  Well, as quiet as one can be with Lois...she can be a bit of a rabble rouser...

No hotdogs were harmed in this picture...

Long weekend Monday...I chose to take a rest day; and so Lois and I went to rest out at Grupetto Life Coffee & Cycling.

I finally found the g's in Dundas... 

Krys...looking all perveyor and foundery...

See...Lois really did hang out with public even!!

So...spring...almost summer type weather here!  I am hoping there is still snow for DanOfSubstance's Fatbike race in Bracebridge this coming weekend!

As for me....I have a bit of an out-of-the-box mtb/cx plan for tomorrow.
I will tell you all about it Thursday!

Stay posted!!

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