Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 26 January 2017

There I Was - Gone

So, luckily for y'all...I may be unavailable for a week or so, unless I can unlock the mysteries of ascension...or at least mobile technology.  Both unlikely.

I am off to the country of LandHam where I am told there is still winter...which means great mountain biking, Hok skiing, and snowshoeing.

They got snow!!!

I am not certain if they have beer or whiskey drinking there though...I will have to investigate.

If I can figure out the technology, and if you are bored enough, I may post updates on my facebook page.

Speaking of real mountain biking...this weekend are a couple of local events (that I am aware of):

Substance Projects has the Frozen Beaver; the 3rd installment of the 45NRTH Ontario FatBike Series.

And there is the Sugar Shack Hustle.

So, which one you gonna attend?

See...always something to look forward to!  Like Raf's shirtless fatbike ride pics...or Oggie's political viewpoints...or unglued's 'what the hell did he just post?' posts.

Or Ross's daily Chuck Norris calendar post.  I think this is my favourite so far this year...

Pinoy Ryder always has an interesting post too...this is one of the latest...

Then there is always Blaze's mid life crisis' to look forward to...this being the incredible mountain bike tatoo!!

That is a different kind of mountain bike!  And I have no idea what the stuff in the background is all about.  I am afraid to ask...

Anyways...I Di Gress (yes that is a real person!).  Yesterday had me near puking several times chasing BicycleWorks Paul during a training interval session of 5x5s, so today I think I will go and do something squat an F150 several times...

Gotta get that power back!

Does that look like JeffS kind of power??  Gotta have goals right?

Anyways...then it's time to prepare for the trip to the Land of Ham.
When will you hear from me again?  Likely too soon.

Stay posted!!

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