Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Bring On 2017

Well in case you didn't's here...2017...and a world of people wondering exactly what the new year is gonna bring us.  Everyone looking to a strange leader with new ideas, or saying he will bring back and refresh old ideas.

Yup...DanOfSubstance...promising to make mountain biking great again!!  Looking forward to what Dan has in mind for us...a new race he says...and he is currently looking for another weird name to title the event.  Apparently he wants to name it something Raccoon related...I suggested Raccoon Wrecked 'Em...but I haven't heard back from Dan...

Anyways...for now the world is rife with fatbike events.  And Dan continues his Fatbike Race Series with the second race of the series The Kingston Snophy ...(see, weird names...), coming up this weekend.  If you want in on this one you better get on registration closes tonight (Thursday) at 7pm...otherwise it is day-of registration.

Then Superfly Racing is holding the Albion Fatbike Festival on January 14th.  And more events coming...but I don't want to get to much ahead of myself...

Actually, I am trying to piece together my goals and race schedule for the year.  So far I think the primary race I shoot for will be the 24 hour Summer Solstice with the goal to outperform last year's result.  I am also looking to make the 8 hour races, and Dan's Eager Beaver 'A' races.  I will try to fit in Dan's Marathon Series...

I don't want to put myself into a box, (I prefer fuzzy handcuffs, actually) but my focus will again be on the endurance races.  I will likely still do some of the OCups...the ones where I don't have to drive longer than I race.  The OCups provide a different kind of challenge, and I will use them as a great training I enjoy the fun technical courses.  My goal in these will be to try to not come in DFL...the competition is just so fast in these!!

I would also like to do some bikepacking this year.  Nothing as extreme as the Tour Divide, or the TransAm Bike Race....yet.  Perhaps the COLT trail in the spring.  Miles Arbour did the trail last summer and wrote an article about it on RidingFeelsGood, and it seems like something I will tackle...and work up to something some True Grit??

If you are into the extreme tours like the Tour Divide check out:
Will Scheel who did it in 2015 on a CX bike!
Dean Anderson who competed with our own dskunk last summer...on a single speed!
Brian McEntire who completed the TABR last summer.
Janie Hayes for a female perspective on the TABR.

Or just talk to our own dskunk, or tough as they come!!

Anyways...once again...I ramble on...
So...I am still putting together my 2017 (maybe to keep an Oggie, or JeffS in sight of a finish line??)...
CoachRob says get off the damn computer and get out there!!

And unglued has just challenged me on I guess I better buck up (not a racial reference...) and get out in the minus kazillion cold for a ride!

First...sneak in a Happy Birthday Kat Tourond!! day you may find yourself as old as me!!

Anyway...out for an ice ride! we come!!

Stay posted!!

What's wrong with being in a box??

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