Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Clean Up

They said, but you weren't in the Lapdog's group ride photo, they said.  I said...oh, OK at pic Darcie took...

So there I was.

And so...Darcie says to me about half way through the ride, "You are not a Lapdog, but I recognize you from somewhere."
Me:  Perhaps from your dreams, ma'am??
Darcie: No...wait, are you that 'Active & Attractive' Facebook page guy?
Me:  No, I am just that Active guy...
Darcie: Oh, are that Riot On Racing guy!!
Me:  There have been rumours, ma'am...

Anyways...looking forward...what is this weekend?

Substance Projects has the Sausage Suit ITT on Saturday.  It is a mountain bike individual time trial sort of race...with camping and BBQ to follow.  Up in Dufferin Forest country.  Sounds like one giant ball of fun!!  If you ain't in on it yet...get to it!

And there is likely some cyclecrossy thing going on is that season.

For me...I will be taking a rather undeserved break.  I am heading to Saskatchewan today to visit family.

I am a little worried...this is the current state of affairs out there...

So not sure I will get a chance to ride.  I am bringing my winter gear, just in case...I will have access to a mountain bike, and a fatbike, while I am we shall see.

I may also have a special warmy blanky....

Regardless...will need to find some form of exercise while I am there...or avoid all forms of bannock (that won't happen...).  Otherwise I will come back looking like an old Chumlee....and can't have that.

And...not sure how I may or may not be able to post blog posts...may have to experiment with the I will not be bringing my computer.  I am not sure they have computers in Saskatchewan.  I think the teepee has a plug for one though...

And it is always dangerous when I experiment with the iPad...often end up with pics that I could never post this....

Anyways...I will do my best to figure it out...if you don't hear from me for a know why...or Lois has had me taken out by the Metis mafia...

Let's see what happens on Tuesday!
For now, I am going to see if I can sneak a ride in before I have to get to the airport.

Have a great weekend, and...

Stay posted!

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