Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Previewing the Summer 8 Hour take care of the important stuff right off the bat.  A fast (faster than me), competitive (more competitive than me), female (much more female than me....I hope) friend of mine (yes, believe it or not, I have one...), is looking for a team to race on for this weekend's race.  So if you are looking to fill a race spot, let me know and I will hook you up.

In case you don't know what race I am talking about (typing about??), it's this one...

Organized by Pulse Racing, taking place at Hardwood Ski & Bike this Saturday.

OK...that's enough serious business...

Speaking of serious...he will be at the race, but luckily for me he is racing Solo Singlespeed.  As is dskunk (hugely lucky for me!!).  Looking at the rider confirmation list I believe there is a Solo Singlespeed Fatbiker...which is just crazy!!

Speaking of crazy Fatbikers I believe Raf is tagteaming with JennK.  Will they be the only representatives of Fatboy Nation??  Actually, I think 14Stone will be soloing on a for ApexRacePhotography.

Sadly, my buddy Pinoy Ryder won't be there...but I believe Pinoy Pedal Pushers will have a team...always a party pit!

Actually, the Solo category seems to be huge this year!  Too many fast folks!  I expect I will get my butt kicked!  To be honest, I am not feeling the speed vibe for this one.  I think the 24 Hour race last month kicked some of the race stuffing out of me.  So I will be just looking to enjoy riding my mountain bike for 8 hours, and the company of all the good people that will be there.  Like one big happy family!

Hey hooman!  Izn't we'z family??  Den givez chipz!!

And it is supposed to be smoking hot weather this weekend.  The trick will be to stay hydrated and keep the electrolytes up.  But, hey, no excuses...

Although, the heat could be a factor on who can keep going for 8 hours.

Anyways, that's about it for today!  Luckily for you, short and pointless...
So, let's go burn some mega calories this weekend, stay uninjured, and answer some of those burning questions...

Does JeffS ride a fatbike to hide the motor?  (really, how is anyone that fast on a fatbike??)
Where is TeamColin?
Where is Unglued?
Will DonnaDub find a team?
Will Giant be podium bound yet again?
How many times will SSSarah and Alexa lap me?
How fast will Oggie pass me?
Where will ApexTed be hiding?

So much to wonder about...

Should make for some good stories to post about on Tuesday.

Stay posted!

Enough freakin' cat pics already!!


  1. Our team is still looking for a 4th rider for Saturday. My cell # is 519-832-8825

    1. Thanks Livingston....I have passed your info on!