Is This A Logo??

Is This A Logo??

Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Couple of Steps Back

So on Tuesday I posted about a couple of long training rides I did...including scouting out DanOfSubstance's 100 km option from his upcoming Eager Beaver 2.0 100 mile gravel grinder.

However, there was a race last weekend that I did not attend.  It was the OCup #5 held at Albion Hills Conservation Area (Organized by Superfly Racing).  However, this guy did attend, raced and killed it!  Grant SonOfSeth, came in 2nd in the U17 Cadet Sport Men category!!

Well done Grant!  Getting on the podium at an OCup is quite an accomplishment...don't let dad take the credit, eh!

There were a kazzillion racers out for this Ocup.  Albion is a popular it is one of the closer ones to the GTA...and it is typically not so technical.

Then on Tuesday I caught a ride with Blaze to the Kelso weekly race series.  I didn't race...I just went to watch, and cheer on the several friends who did race.  Blaze, Martin, JeffS killin it on his fatbike!!  Raf on his fatbike.  Jody actually broke his fatbike at this race...

Nasty!!  On the lookout for a new fork!

Actually there were a kazillion racers at this race too.  This has become a major popular race series!

I used to race in this series...but haven't since 2013...when I crashed during the race resulting in this...

At first, I thought that it was just a bruise...and kept riding/racing for 2-3 weeks.

But it got infected, and swole up like a giant (seriously huge) zit.  I finally decided I should go see the doctor...and found out I had a 4 inch tear in my quad (vastus lateralus).  The wound eventually burst, and left a quarter sized hole (nickel, quarter, looney....something like that...) in my hip...which the doctor/nurses used to pack the wound with medicated bandages to get it to heal.  Took a couple of weeks (or 3 or 4) off the bike, for it to heal proper.  I won't include all the gory pics here...

Well maybe just this one...

OK...that isn't really me...(in case you are too young to know....that is from the original Alien movie...)

Actually, the entire story and pics of the injury are all documented in this blog series from 2013 if you are really bored and want to check back there.  They are here and here....and some in between...

Anyways...enough living in the past...

Actually...mine should look more like this....

Anyways...I will race the Kelso series again sometime....when the packed race schedule allows.  I also like the Albion Wednesday race series organized by Superfly racing.  Lot's of options!

For now...looking forward to the Summer 8 Hour race to be held at Hardwood, on the 23rd of July.  In fact, I am dragging NewfieSteve up to Hardwood to pre ride the course this Saturday (and some weekend camping...and ride Copeland and maybe Simcoe too.)  I have heard alot of good things about the Simcoe trails...I would like to check them out.  May be worthy of obtaining a membership.

So, if you are so bored from reading this post, you want to come to Hardwood and area to ride...we will be there!

Until then...

Stay posted!


  1. Our team is still looking for a 4th rider! My cell # is 519-832-8825.

  2. Our team is still looking for a 4th rider! My cell # is 519-832-8825.